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    Monday11May 2020

    This week techUK is exploring how to drive business transformation with edge computing



This week techUK is exploring how to drive business transformation with edge computing and re-imagining a technology driven future with edge at the center of innovation.

Between 11-15 May we will be bringing you news, views and insights from the technology sector on what edge means to the UK’s digital future. We will be identifying, exploring and making the case for greater use of edge computing solutions (across both public and private sector) as well as discuss potential challenges that may hold the UK’s back from moving to the edge such as building the right communications infrastructure, the possible environmental impact and cyber security.

This week will be part of a six month campaign of activities and events around edge computing as part of techUK’s Tech and Innovation work.

We will be continuing the debate from the kick-off panel How edge computing holds the key to industry 4.0 that techUK hosted 28 April. Reflecting on the insight shared on this panel, such as the integral relationship of cloud and edge, security and privacy concerns, and key use cases such as video analytics and autonomous vehicles, this campaign week will take the conversation further and envision an edge powered future for business.

The highlight of the week will be 12 May when techUK will host its first ever edge computing conference Exploring the convergence between edge computing, cloud and AI. We are delighted to bring an amazing line-up of speakers to discuss building the right infrastructure for edge powered AI, edge and cloud convergence, and diving into use cases like smart utilities and smart cities. You can read more below.

We will publish insights to this page as they go live so please check back regularly for the most up to date information!

Monday - Defining the role of edge computing in business transformation.

A key themes discussed in techUK’s edge computing kick-off event was the broad and complex definition of edge computing across several layers of the supply chain. Whilst there is undeniably a distributed computing paradigm to edge computing, through insights and recordings techUK will show how business need to define edge computing specifically through the value that it will bring to their use case. We will do this through

  1. Event round-up: How edge computing holds the key to industry 4.0
  2. Guest blog: Does edge computing hold the key to IoT Intelligence? By Stephen Pattison, VP of Public Affairs, ARM
  3. Guest blog: Defining the market for edge and edge cloud by Roy Illsley, Chief Analyst, Enterprise IT, Omdia
  4. Guest blog: Edge computing - Why distributed data matters by Patrick Callaghan, Vice President Value Engineering, DataStax

  5. Guest Blog: Using the Edge now (or at least soon) By Duncan Clubb, Senior Director, IT Consulting, CBRE

Tuesday - The relationship of edge computing with emerging technology

On Tuesday techUK will showcase how edge computing has the ability to power real-time data analytics, enable automation and deliver business transformation. By understanding how edge interacts with other emerging technologies such as data analytics, cloud and AI, we can explore how edge is making real, tangible differences to supply chains, design capability and real-time responses

We have gathered industry leading speakers from across the ecosystem who will share their insight in techUK’s first ever edge computing conference.

  1. Exploring the convergence between edge computing, cloud and AI
  2. Guest Blog: The impact of COVID-19 on enterprise adoption of edge by James Bristow, SVP EMEA, Cradlepoint

  3. Guest Blog: Prioritising multicloud solutions for a changing world by Russell Poole Managing Director UK, Equinix

Wednesday – Edge computing and cyber security

On Wednesday techUK will explore building a security-first approach to edge adoption for businesses. This will include managing wide-scale edge computing networks, streamlining data storage at the edge, and envisioning a secure way to share data with external edge networks.

This discussion will pave the way for techUK’s edge computing and cybersecurity roundtable 28 May

  1. Guest blog: Privacy pulls users to the Edge by Joe Root, CEO & co-founder, Permutive
  2. Guest blog: IoT and Edge computing: Cyber security challenges by Emilie Didier and Caroline Wijnbladh, Business Development Executives at PETRAS
  3. Guest blog: Securing supply chains powered by edge by Cristina Jerney, CYNATION
  4. Guest blog: Digital Identity - Essential for the Modern Enterprise by Simon Moffatt, Product Management, Forge Rock


Thursday – Edge computing and Public safety: navigating the ROI of edge computing

With the purpose of highlighting a key case study for edge computing, Thursday will deep-dive into the opportunities and challenges of utilising edge computing within public safety and emergency response. This encompasses a number of the previous topics discussed, including scaling wide-scale networks in a safe and sustainable manner; integration of emerging technologies and showcasing edge-enabled real-time responses.

Edge computing models can be used to monitor traffic flows, public safety incidents and large gatherings to accurately convey real-time information and insights for public safety. Insights will explore these themes whilst the roundtable will seek to navigate best practice across from first-hand experience.

  1. Roundtable: Powering public safety with edge computing.
  2. Guest Blog: How edge computing aids in COVID-19 response by Emily Taylor, Communications Manager, Humanising Autonomy

  3. Guest blog: Edge powering social distancing at St Pancras station by Nicolas Le Glatin, CEO, OpenSpace

  4. Guest blog: Edge computing - solving problems in a crisis by Chris Nott, CTO Government, IBM Europe

  5. Guest blog: The use of edge computing in FMCG during COVID-19 pandemic by Andy Graham, Solutions Manager, SolutionsPT

Friday – The future of edge computing: driving industry 4.0

We will round up techUK’s edge computing campaign by looking into the future of edge deployment. Whether this involves smart supply chains, machine learning or smart utilities, techUK members will envision what industry transformed by edge will envision.

  1. Guest blog: What is the edge opportunity in manufacturing? by Paul Wood, Big data and security division UK&I, Atos
  2. Guest Blog: Case study - The Future of Video Analytics at the Edge by Mark Goosens, Client Director for the Home Office & Police, IBM
  3. Guest Blog: Protecting Organizations Mobilizing in the New Business Normal by Terry Greer King, VP EMEA Sales at SonicWall
  4. Guest Blog: The future of Edge Computing by Justin Day, Cloud Gateway

Insights announced on the day

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