Campaign Week: Local public services - a place based approach

Local public services are becoming increasingly interlinked, whether that be in character, complexity or relevance to the locality. This means that the agencies, organisations and authorities responsible for delivering them can no longer feasibly operate in silos. 

The "place based approach" to public service transformation and delivery has been identified as a method of addressing the challenges that are emerging from issues that cut across agency boundaries. 

During this campaign week, which brings together both the Local Government and the Justice and Emergency programmes, Local public services - a place based approach will unpack what "a place based approach" means, key functions that underpin such an approach, and where the tech sector can be involved, add value and support the transformation into a place based approach to business as usual. 

The deadline for expressions of interest is Monday 25 February.

The deadline for submission is Wednesday 27 March.

The topics for the week are:

  • Monday 1 April: Vision for a place based approach
    • What does this phrase mean in the public service delivery sphere?
    • What does a place based approach look like in the real world?
  • Tuesday 2 April: Leadership and culture
    • How can we create an environment that encourages and allows a place based approach to local public service transformation and delivery?
  • Wednesday 3 April: Multi-agency working and collaboration
    • What is the difference between the two, and why does it matter?
    • Is this a feasible way of working for public sector agencies?
    • What are the challenges, barriers and opportunities to multi-agency and collaborative working in local public service delivery?
  • Thursday 4 April: People and places - improving outcomes
    • What benefits does a place based approach bring to the citizen?
    • How will it transform public health and safety demand and service provision?
  • Friday 5 April: Vision to reality - tech case studies
    • What will be tech's role in delivering a place based approach?
    • How can public service providers engage with the tech sector to share their priorities, interests, challenges and opportunities?
    • How can tech enable a place based approach?

If you would like to contribute to the Campaign Week, please get in touch with Jessica Russell or Georgina Maratheftis.

When submitting the blog, please ensure to include the author's name and job title, as well as a blog title (maximum 60 characters) and any social media handles you would like us to use. 

For more information on our contributor guidelines, see here.

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