Huawei provides free online digital skills training across the UK

Everyone in the UK has been trying to make the most of their free time in lockdown and we at Huawei are no different. Our free online training courses are developing people’s digital skills and helping them take advantage of the slowdown to boost their job and promotion chances.

The sudden shift to new ways of working and living in response to coronavirus has shone a spotlight on the nation’s growing reliance on technology across almost all sectors of the economy, and we’ve seen a huge surge in demand for digital skills as thoughts turn to the future of work.

A recent study by The Open University found that a quarter of UK employees have undertaken additional learning opportunities during lockdown to enhance their employability, and 23 per cent of those learners have focused on advancing their digital skills.

As the UK government encourages people to boost their skills from home during lockdown through the creation of a new online learning platform, we wanted to do our bit to help. This inspired the launch of our online training program in May, to promote digital upskilling in all corners of the UK and support remote learning efforts across the country. We’re providing free-to-all, easily accessible online training.

Over 6,000 people have signed up for the program already, with over 4,000 registered in the past month alone. The UK is our pilot market for this program as we look to roll out the online digital skills training around the world.

The program covers a wide range of subjects, spanning WLAN, Cloud Service, AI and 5G, with three levels of certification available based on the level of technical knowledge required for attainment. As well as our certification courses, we also offer digital literacy training to help ease beginners into the industry.

All our courses are designed based on the latest ICT industry trends, to deliver relevant and transferable skills training.  Learners have free access to online self-study material, exam preparation webinars, pre-test exams and the final online certification exam for their course, valued at over £3,000 in total based on current asking prices for digital skills training.

We have a long record of designing and delivering expert digital skills training courses around the world. Our ICT Academy works to bridge the gap between academy and industry in over 70 countries, working with over 45,000 ICT Academy students each year to equip talents with the practical skills required to thrive in the ICT industry.

With 700 registered learners from the UK programme now ready to sit their final Huawei Certified ICT Associate exam after our lockdown program launched just over a month ago, we’re proud to support the nation’s digital upskilling.

As the national economy recovers and grows post-lockdown, we’ll continue to provide free digital skills training across the UK, to ensure everyone has the opportunity to advance their digital skillset. This means the UK will have a workforce better prepared for the changing landscape.

At Huawei, we are committed to the UK and in more ways than you think. For 20 years, we have been connecting people in this country and we are playing our part in the next generation of connectivity.

But through our dedication to improvement training, we are ensuring the people of the UK can make the most of this technology to improve their lives and boost our economy.

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