Guest Blog: How Cloud adoption can unlock data value in key sectors

Data complexity blocks digital value. 

The Public Sector and Business alike have complicated data architectures. 

These architectures restrict data value; they impede business change and agility which in turn adds wastage and increases cost. 

They've created silos on-premises. To overcome this they invested in Data Warehouses and Data Hubs. But these have created new silos. This has resulted in the complex data architecture that now blocks the agility digital provides. 

The Data Warehouses and Hubs rely on an extract process. This process copies data from one place to another. That data is then loaded in a new format. The extract process duplicates risk, effort and cost. 

The connectivity Cloud provides unlocks an opportunity. It allows them to share, join-up and harness data. This simplifies their architecture, removing the duplicated data, effort and cost. 

Digital provides the opportunity to create resilience. But, to do this they must move beyond copying data into a new format. 

To get the greatest value from data it must be accessible. 

Previously I wrote how connectivity unlocks value in the Cloud. 

The lockdown due to Covid-19 demonstrated this value. It allowed people to work when and where they needed to. But Cloud provides a greater opportunity that is beyond video conferencing, sending messages and sharing documents.  

That opportunity is to unlock the value of data between systems. The connectivity allows IT systems to share, join-up and automate data. This embraces silos, creating resilience and trust. 

The connectivity allows them to reuse and re-purpose distributed data that creates a single data object of the truth. 

distributed data sharing layer unlocks the value of connectivity and the Cloud. It integrates your existing database silos. This moves you beyond the extract processes. The integrated data is then securely accessed, extended, re-purposed and used. This removes duplicated costs, improving productivity. 

How can this help the Public Sector and Business? 

It helps key sectors such as: 

  • Supply chains to mirror goods via a digital twin as they transit across traditional borders. This creates trust and unlocks automation. That provides a simple supply chain data management solution

  • Healthcare to deliver a join-up patient record. Supporting them to join-up existing silos. This creates a simple, low risk unified data sharing layer

  • The Public Sector to bring people and data together around a citizen. 

  • Business to create real-time, data-driven automation and visualization. That create a powerful data mobility platform that unlocks value. 

This empowers agility and unlocks the value of digital. But, to get there they must move beyond creating new silos. The Data Warehouse and Hubs have stifled agility by duplicating effort.  

There are solutions that provide an innovative alternative. Frameworks such as GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC). They provide a simple, low risk way to embrace data. These create a distributed data access and sharing layer. 

They deliver results faster, allowing you to start small and easily scale. That creates a secure data sharing and integration layer. This differs from existing hard to scale, complicated solutions. 

The layer releases the value of connectivity in the Cloud. It embraces data to create a single data object of the truth. That provides a single point of data to: 

  • Connect other data to. 

  • Trigger automation. 

  • Push data for visualization. 

  • Extend and re-purpose data. This delivering faster time to value and change management, lowering ongoing costs. 

  • Secure and govern. 

This creates an effortless, affordable data architecture. A distributed data sharing layer creates resilience and agility. This dramatically improves time to value.  

Chris founded GARNET8. Their solution makes it effortless to integrate, access, join-up and share data. This delivers affordable results faster, dramatically improves outcomes. 

  • Sue Daley

    Sue Daley

    Associate Director | Technology & Innovation
    T 020 7331 2055

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