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Shifts in technology, work-life balance, inter-organisational working and recent challenges for urgent supply-chain fulfilment have highlighted limitations in collaboration practices. 

The EU Ventilator Scheme and Turkish PPE challenges, have been problematic for central government, its departments and ministries, and have highlighted the limitations of long copy-all email chains, through missed information, errors in ownership and responsibilities – and all whilst whole departments are trying to work remotely in lockdown. 

All individuals, teams and organisations make mistakes, which is not necessarily a problem, as long as we can identify, check, and react within a timely manner, but the daisy-chain effect of emails – which are not transparent - simply doesn’t allow validation to take place, resulting in no action taken or the wrong outcome. 

Teamwork and collaboration 

We find teamwork and collaboration - supported by the right tools - enable us to overcome these challenges and to work with trusted partners. We share our learning, and support our clients, with our expertise in this. 

Any team in Surevine, whether it be business or software development teams, operates in an agile manner. Teams collaborate, identify work together, execute that work, and review on a regular basis. Stakeholders are therefore engaged, supportive and meetings are outcome and goal oriented. Collaboration is an ethos and a value we hold as essential for success. 

Most people are familiar with Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp for sending short, chatty messages. Tools like Slack, Yammer and Facebook Workplace are more “work” focused versions of those messaging apps. These types of tools can enable better teamworking – as long as they are secure. 

Distributed working 

As a consequence of our collaborative culture, we conduct very little rework, team members are able to step in to cover sickness or holidays, and outcomes are of a very high quality. Examples include our technology collaboration to enable the Coronavirus dashboard from Public Health England. And we delivered this work as a distributed team; we all work in this way, we always have done, and always will. 

As an example of the kind of things we have learned working in this way, which many others will now be discovering: for voice and video calls, we suggest everyone uses a headset with a noise-cancelling boom mic. 

It’s important to get communication right, as it not only helps with corporate goals, but also facilitates a positive environment which overcomes what might otherwise turn distributed working into remote working, with people feeling isolated rather than connected. 

Secure Collaboration services 

Our clients are large organisations that traditionally use complex structures and processes to endeavour to deliver work which is completed “right-first-time”. But often, under pressure or through complex events such as Brexit, severe flooding, terrorism, and COVID-19 emails get missed, sent to the wrong person, or lost in the log jam. 

Overcoming the email challenge can be a problem, clients require secure, cross organisational collaboration tools to overcome the challenges they face. But often face “security” restrictions, information handling restrictions and physical and technical boundaries to get the required work done. 

Enabling information sharing in a timely fashion, with the right communities and individuals, across organisational boundaries and sharing awareness of activities in order to ease blockers, errors or delays in actions, resolves the daisy-chain effect of email messages. 

The way forward 

Being able to mitigate the effect of external events, like those mentioned above, and overcome internal security constraints, in part comes down to utilising appropriate tools that enable secure collaboration, creating a trusted environment for partners and communities, thereby enabling the skills and talent within and across organisations to focus on the task at hand. 

Be ready for the new normal of secure remote working, collaboration, and greater productive outcomes.  

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