Councils of the future will be data-driven, joined-up and automated

Chris founded GARNET8. Their solution empowers you to join-up, share and access individual pieces of data. It does this within and across traditional borders. 

Embrace and build on silos, to support citizens. 

The Public Sector must embrace data within and across traditional borders. The ability to join-up data removes the need to chase knowledge across silos. This allows aggregate knowledge to be at a key-workers finger-tips.  

The outcome? A Public Sector that brings people and data together around an individual. That enables faster outcomes.  

Councils and the Public Sector have embraced digital. With many undertaking transformations of their front end. But, there are real challenges in end-to-end digitisation. With major hurdle being how to phase out legacy systems.

The increased digital demand in the wake of Covid-19 provides an opportunity. It provides a reason to look beyond the traditional silos. Covid-19 and cross border drug dealers don't care about silos. The Public Sector needs a joined-up response to overcome this. 

To achieve this the Public Sector must become data-driven. Data-driven reaches far beyond decisions. Data-driven underpins agility and automation. It reduces wastage, supporting faster time to value. Data-driven provides a powerful foundation for the future of Public Sector. 

The ability to build on allow the Public Sector to modernise IT increasing productivity

Pre COVID-19 the Public Sector took steps towards this. 

NHSx launched a Tech Plan for Healthcare. Within the plan it outlined many needs; one is to modernise IT. With the plan outlining "Inefficient technology results in large amounts of wasted time". With another being "By digitalizing Health and Care as well as joining up patient records". 

These themes get continued in Socitm Public Sector technology trends for 2020. Theses trends include the need to: 

  • Collaborate better. 
  • Harness data. 
  • Manage information governance. 
  • Modernise ICT delivery. 
  • Empower service design and transformation. 
  • Share services. 

To achieve these the Public Sector must embrace and move beyond their silos. A data-driven foundation unlocks these desires.  

Can this get done with post COVID-19 constraints? 

Yes. But, as a business we are realistic. There are reports of black holes within council budgets. With: 

To name but a few. 

This means the Public Sector must harness and build on what they have. That will allow them to reduce wastage and costs within budget constraints. This allows them to re-purpose existing data sources. That reduces time to value and supports the Public Sectors needs to modernise. 

The Public Sector must look to existing solutions. That reduces time to value, risk and wastage. These solutions can join-up data, modernise access to systems and unlock automation. 

When you join-up and re-use data you can automate back-office tasks. This reduces costs, risk and chance of error. That allows the Public Sector to take a step towards data-driven engagement. This moves them from servicing requests to engaging citizens as and when they need to. 

Moving forward. 

Solutions like GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) provide a low risk step forward. 

They allow the Public Sector to embrace, join-up and extend silos. This allows the Public Sector to modernise access. That allows them to build across traditional borders, supporting data mobility. This empowers the Public Sector to collaborate and build agility. That lowers delivery and ongoing costs within and across traditional borders. 

The Public Sector can take steps towards automation and real-time data management. G8CC provides the Public Sector with an innovative Distributed Data Hub to get their faster. It is simple to use with a low learning curve and impressive ROI.  

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