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    Monday08Jun 2020

    Guest blog: Kim Erbo Christensen, Country Manager UK, Dania Software, on the future public worker, as part of our #procuring4growth campaign week.

The future public worker will most likely be a Cloud-based multitasker, that strives for more hands-on time with the citizen.  

Once in a while, you sit down and wonder what the future might bring. What the world will look like in a few years and where your place will be. 

In my view one of the more important things to take into consideration when looking at public entities, is how one adds social value to the citizen. In recent years, there have been an apparent increase in  administrative work, that has become a burden on public workers.  

Obviously, the more red tape you need to go through to complete a task, the slower, and possibly more frustrating, it will become for both the case worker, but also for the citizen trying to complete a case with a public institution (I.e.: Planning application process, adjusting council tax, receiving benefits etc.).  

More for Less  

It will be my personal projection, that the future of the caseworker or public officer will have an even higher focus on improving the customer experience and be supported with administrative software that enables Smarter Ways of Working. Constantly improving the customer experience will go hand in hand with tools empowering the case worker to be still more effective.    

The tools we will see in the hands of public workers of the future, will be orientated around easing the task of communicating and documenting the work they do.  

A Different Kind of Caseworker 

The caseworker, or public servant of the future is in my view likely to be different from the one we see today, becoming more of a generalist and autonomous in their work ethic, but also well-versed in technology and striving for continuous improvement in their work. 

The average person of the future will have grown up with computers and technology at the core of their everyday life. This will render them tech-savvy by default, far beyond the current average public worker. Additionally, this will mean that the training necessary for new public workers to be efficient with technology is minimal to non-existent. 

The tech-savvy public worker of the future will be well-versed in Cloud technology as a standard feature of everything in their life. Cloud technology will, and has already begun to, condition workers to workflows that are heavily influenced by the fact, that they can work from anywhere at any time, since they bring not only their documents with them in the cloud, but also the software they use on a daily basis. 

Cloud Conversion 

Converting legacy software to Cloud-based software, may very well be one of the focal points we will see in the future. Cloud-based software will assist the workers in creating smarter ways of working, but also freeing up much needed time for essential tasks, that computers cannot facilitate on their own. It is possible that we will see leaps in Cloud-technology, that will provide time-saving solution by making every task simpler and less of a hassle.  

Hopefully, we will see a future where the public sector is full of well-equipped and engaged employees easily able to navigate the landscape of administrative work and allowing them to focus the majority of their energy on achieving social value for the citizens. 

Kim Erbo Christensen, Country Manager UK, Dania Software, is actively helping the public sector in ensuring better workflows and smarter ways of working. 

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