Connect data to protect and unlock future value

Access to trusted data unlocks an opportunity. It allows you to automate, join-up and share information. These allow the Public Sector and Business to connect data to protect lives. It reduces wastage and costs.

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In simple terms, the past blogs look at how back office data can be joined-up.

Silos and replication impede future value.

The Public Sector, Business and Supply Chains have embraced digital. In the case of the Public Sector they’ve focussed on transforming the Public Interface.

However,  many back office processes are still reliant on legacy solutions. These impede their transformation.  Increasingly Businesses and Supply Chains seek end-to-end transformation in order to unlock new value.  That value cannot be realised while the dependency on data replication remains.

To move beyond this limit the Public and Private Sector must look beyond tradition. They must look  to the value of connectivity.  This empowers them to connect data, save lives and release value faster.

Many have embraced Data Hubs. These add costs and don't provide fine grained access management. They increase complexity and create data sprawl. This is because data is replicated to another place. That increases compliance and governance risk.  This doesn't release the value digital provides.

With data sprawled across processes it becomes hard to automate. That is because you have multiple versions triggering tasks.

The Data Hubs have provided a quick fix. But, they haven't unlocked the flexibility and access digital provides. They've created just another place to duplicate data.

Connect to protect in a data sharing layer.

Create a decentralized single source of the truth.

Set triggers to support automation.

This removes the duplication of effort and costs and creates a lean and efficient back office. It connects people to data which in turn removes the wastage created by chasing knowledge.

This allows the Public and Private Sector to embrace omni-channel experiences. It provides a foundation for automation and real-time visualisation. That gets the greatest value from data. It creates a type of next-generation data hub.

Solutions like GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) harnesses this. They embrace silos and access management. This supports a faster time to value. That lowers risk, providing higher returns on investments.

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