Call to action: Connect with the National Digital Twin Programme

I have been thrilled this week to read the variety of blogs that people have contributed to techUK’s Digital Twin Future Week. People are getting excited about digital twins, and with good reason. They will help us get more value out of everything – especially if we can connect them.

CDBB’s National Digital Twin Programme is entering a crucial phase as we launch a consultation on the approach to the information management framework next week. This document will set out a pathway to an information management framework which will enable us to share data and improve information management across all forms of the built environment. Getting industry input to the development of the framework is essential to ensuring it’s usable and effective. Organisations are realising the necessity of good information management. But it’s no good if every organisation goes off and develops their own individual approach because that will limit data sharing and interoperability. We understand that the value of data increases as it is aggregated, so an organisation that follows their own isolated information management strategy and develops bespoke approaches to data modelling will limit the value of their data. Developing a common approach to sharing data which takes account of security concerns at all levels will be beneficial to us all. And if we can share data securely, we can connect digital twins.

It will take significant cultural and behavioural change to move towards the adoption of an information management framework across the built environment. It’s not a small task. The National Digital Twin Programme is facilitating a collaborative approach to developing the framework, which can be used by all organisations, large and small, public and private. It will be a national resource that will lead to better outcomes than if we all go off and develop our own information strategies and data models in isolation.

Getting people involved in this programme is critical to its success. We need digital twin developers and users to work together to share approaches which work best and which serve a purpose. The Digital Twin Hub provides a unique way for digital twin owners and innovators to come together to advance their thinking and to work towards connecting digital twins.

If you’re working on digital twins or data integration strategies, I urge you to connect with the CDBB National Digital Twin Programme. We hope to save you a lot of time and effort by sharing resources and connecting both people and twins in a way that benefits us all.

To find out more about techUK's work on digital twins, get in touch with Tom Henderson ( today! You can also visit techUK's #DigitalTwinFuture campaign here!

  • Tom Henderson

    Tom Henderson

    Programme Manager | Smart Cities and IoT
    T 020 7331 2043

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