How can the cloud help business continuity?

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    Friday20Mar 2020

    Guest blog: Justin Day, CEO & Co-Founder of Cloud Gateway, on how cloud technology can enable businesses to respond to remote working issues & prepare them for the...

Written by Justin Day, CEO & Co-Founder of Cloud Gateway

Many companies now operate with remote working policies but if current circumstances have highlighted one thing, it’s that IT and telecoms infrastructure has not been set up to be able to support an entire workforce to securely access company ecosystems from home. 

No one could have guessed a pandemic was on its way and remote access infrastructure has never been designed to handle volumes like those we’re now seeing. And that is affecting how we operate. The current climate has forced businesses to look at continuity, in any and all scenarios, differently. 

The cloud brings businesses a myriad of options around flexibility and pace of change, and in these unprecedented times those benefits become even more pertinent. Cloud platforms can alleviate short-term pain as well as create a foundation for future change. Yes, there’s a need to look at risk appetite and be mindful of your security needs across the different time frames. If this is for a short-term fix then implementation should be approached in phases for faster time to market, rather than in the same way a six-plus months transformation project would be. Extraordinary measures are needed in extraordinary circumstances. The very nature of being able to do things quickly is what it’s all about, and what cloud comms is built for.

There’s probably a temptation to fall back on buying additional kit for data centres, to expand capacity. However, even if a company does decide that buying more physical kit is the answer, we’re not in a position where that’s possible in the short-term. The technology needs to be found, procured, and with logistical limitations in the current environment it would be difficult to even get it delivered. Then there’s a need to get people to physically install, deploy and test the new set up. Businesses need a solution which can be implemented right now, remotely, and without people having to be in attendance. 

With the cloud, companies are able to have confidence that they have an answer which can be done quickly and cost-effectively. 

By leveraging an appropriate cloud platform, businesses can maintain and contain the benefits of cloud: flexible and scalable, faster deployments. A centralised and secure cloud platform will allow companies to move traffic to wherever they need it to go. This allows workers to keep working, keep costs scaled down, businesses can continue to operate and they don’t need to pay a premium for near-term business continuity in the face of a pandemic. Organisations must make use of what cloud platforms have been built for, keep it secure and continue to function during the unknown, whilst being able to build scale, refine and even remove, when normality returns. Power and control therefore remains in the hands of the business. 

This doesn’t need to be tactical or a ‘band-aid’ solution. It’s an addition that can become a strategic component to be leveraged for transformation to hybrid cloud or multicloud infrastructure in the future. Most importantly, if we ever find ourselves in this situation again, businesses who have adopted cloud platforms will no longer need to react, because they’ve been proactive. 

This is a time where tech providers have the ability to offer help to keep businesses and the economy operating. At Cloud Gateway, we want to offer any help we can to businesses looking at near-term and also long-term continuity. Please don’t hesitate to contact us - we’re happy to offer any advice we can to help any business operate.  

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