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    Monday02Dec 2019

    This week techUK will highlight what the future of local public services will look like in a digital age #CounciloftheFuture


Welcome to techUK’s third annual Council of the Future campaign week! This week we will be showcasing how tech can be used to drive better local public outcomes and create places where citizens want to live, thrive and work. It will highlight the ‘Art of the possible’ and showcase the technologies that are disrupting the sector and re-imagining service delivery.

We have five different topics with each one taking place on separate days. The topics are central in helping to create the right environment and provide the right conditions for the vision of a ‘Council of the Future’ to come to life.


The topics are as follows:

Monday 2 December - Future Gazing: The technologies re-imagining local public service outcomes; and the future tech trends

Reimagining the Council of tomorrow | Richard Boddington, Thoughtonomy 

How data & AI is reshaping local government | Jack Aaron, Station10 

It’s not the What but the How: Making Digital Transformation a success | Jenny Newbury, Athensys 


Tuesday 3 December – Data-driven places: Data driven local public services and data-driven places

Data Driven Services - Data Driven Places | Paul Tomlinson, IEG4

Data gold rush: Connecting council data & mastering citizen services | Richard Chreeve, Civica

The data-driven NHS of the future | Debbie Watson, Equdos


Wednesday 4 December – Culture and Collaboration: Driving innovation through collaboration to growing the local gov tech market through partnership working

Bringing the best tech into the workplace | Steve Thorne, Civica

PART 1: The Horror of ‘fake transformation’ and what to do about it | Denis Kaminskiy, Arcus Global

Collaboration for the successful transformation of Public Services | Natalie Duffield, Intechnology

Redefine Your Local Gov Commercial Function To Improve Transformation | Sophie Newbould, Athensys


Thursday 5 December – Smart Places: Creating places where citizens want to live, work and feel safe

Why data driven places are better equipped to solve skills gaps

Empowering people and places

PART 2 - Types of ‘fake transformation’

Creating places where citizens want to live, work and feel safe

Collaboration is key to creating places to live, work and feel safe


Friday 6 December – Leading by example: Case studies of innovation and championing new ways of working

How can a Civic Data Trust help build self-care in Communities?

Less Admin, More Caring – Digitalisation at its Best

Guest blog: The CESIUM case study


Check back on this page to see all the interesting blogs and case studies submitted throughout the week. Share your views and thoughts throughout the week using hashtag #CounciloftheFuture

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