10 Search Marketing Trends that Will Define Your SEO Strategy in 2020


It's never too early to start thinking ahead. You might still be in the mode of getting the most out of 2019. But even as you continue these optimisations, it's time to think about the future.

The year 2020 is now officially less than two months away. The start of the new year won't bring with it instant drastic changes, but--as is the case every year--will see the continuing evolution of current trends into new marketing breakthrough and opportunities.

Perhaps no digital tactics embodies that concept more than search engine optimisation. On a day-to-day (or even month-to-month) basis, changes tend to be imperceptible. After all, it takes between four and six months to even start seeing results from your SEO strategy. Change that timeline to year-to-year, though, and the changes and trends become much more clear.

A year ago, experts were talking about a mobile-first strategy. In late 2019, that should already be a given. It's become the baseline of good SEO, while new trends are taking a front seat.

These best practices can make or break your search marketing success. Embrace then, and you can get a leg up on your competition, building a better strategy as a result. These are the 10 search marketing trends that should define your SEO strategy in 2020.


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