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    Tuesday30Jul 2019

    Donate Hilton, Intern at techUK, looks at the need to foster trust in relation to Artificial Intelligence.

With the 4th Industrial Revolution in full swing, technology and its capabilities are developing and are now more advanced than ever before. This includes the development of artificial intelligence and new innovations like quantum computing. Though the development and use of AI systems are increasing in society, the trust that people have in the technology is not always proportional to its growth. However, increasingly people are becoming more reliant on AI technology in their everyday lives- through smart personal assistants such as Siri, to detecting and preventing fraud online and the use of AI in diagnostics and treatment. From the examples mentioned, we can see that there are lots of amazing examples of AI being used to benefit society.  

To help support the adoption and deployment of ethical AI, government has taken significant strides to help address some of the biggest ethical challenges faced in this field. In August 2018, the government put forth the Data Ethics Framework, a clear set of principles for how data should be used in the public sector; setting high standards for transparency and accountability when building or buying new data technology. More recently, the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation is in the process of conducting two reviews into online targeting and algorithmic bias in decision making. The Centre is expected to make a series of recommendations to government later this year. More broadly, the UK’s AI Sector Deal sets out government’s key commitments to help make the UK a global leader in AI whilst helping to build public trust in the technology.  

Going forward, we need to work collectively to find answers to some of these complex ethical issues and ensure that the public is at the heart of this dialogue.  

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