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As part of the techUK Public Sector Innovation Den , we undertake profiles of innovative techUK members working in the GovTech space. This week we catch up with Chris Cook, Founder, Garnet8


Providing the opportunity for Governments to break down silos, stopping citizens in need slipping through the gaps to higher cost outcomes. They can achieve this by harnessing structured data, maximising the value of digital, empowering them to build for the future.


This supports described outcomes within Government, for example, Matt Hancock, Health and Social Care Secretary states:


The NHS must stop relying on pen and paper and should use modern forms of communication instead.” 


Policing 2025 outlines the need for:


integration with health, education, social services and community projects” 


Policing Minister Nick Hurd MP recently said.


"The UK's 43 police forces mostly tend to work in silos, which can’t be part of the future" and "Collectively, we are trying to drag police technology from a place that feels terribly out of date into the modern age, but there is a will to do that". 


And Cabinet office minister Oliver Dowden MP outlined the need to:


Prioritise eliminating legacy IT systems” and to overcome “the challenging elements, of end-to-end digitisation”.


GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) is a modern form of communication that enables Governments and Public Institutions (and their Departments within) to harness structured data. It empowers departments and functions to create data once and reuse it multiple times, enabling agility and governance, maximising the value of digital. This allows all Institutions to reuse and build upon value and investments.


In our interactive, guided tour here we take a paper form used within Southampton NHS trust and convert it into a simple digital service. This service enables data reuse, collaboration, engagement, automation, and visualisation. It's easily to build upon, by extending the value of concise, structured data objects, delivering faster time-to-value, with a lower total cost of ownership.


G8CC provides a solution for Departments to start small and easily scale, building upon and reusing information and investments. It provides a secure, multi-cloud, on-premises decentralised layer across infrastructure, that's easily accessible via a web browser.


At GARNET8 Limited we have a simple, coherent, achievable vision that can empower Governments and Public Institutions to harness the power of structured data, maximising the value of digital. We've taken the risk and time to create an innovative technology that delivers desired outcomes.


We can enable the government in all its forms to put citizens and public sector employees front and centre of processes and tasks, empowering them to build for the future.


Are you interested in pitching to public sector tech leaders at our next Innovation Den? If so, get in touch!

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