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As part of the techUK Public Sector Innovation Den , we undertake profiles of innovative techUK members working in the GovTech space. This week we catch up with Julian Ranger, Exec Chairman & Founder,


Describe your service enables you to own all your personal data privately, & to share it with consent to businesses to enable new/improved value creation


What does innovation in the public sector mean to you? 

An example of innovation is opening up data silos in the public sector, esp. relating to data about us as individuals which is the area operates in.  For example, by allowing individuals to own their health data through interfaces contracted for by the NHS, individuals can now truly be at the centre of their own healthcare meaning better health, better management and prevention of conditions, improved health & social care through data availability, better data for research and much more – true Patient Centricity.   As more data sources are opened up these positive Patient Centricity outcomes will further improve.


What was your key pitch to the public sector GovTech leaders at the Innovation Den?’s key pitch was that data portability, the ability for me as individual to get electronically readable data about myself from any commercial entity holding it, is transforming the commercial world by enabling new data driven innovation to create new and enhanced value propositions, whilst solving privacy, security and consent issues. This same data portability, when supported by Government across our interaction with Government (health, tax, benefits and more), has the potential to significantly improve Government service provision, at significantly lower costs, whilst also supporting wider commercial activities too.

If the UK Government fully embraces the principles of data portability throughout the Government, the UK will become the centre of the new worldwide personal data economy, bringing direct benefits to public services whilst promoting growth in innovation, tech services and ultimately GDP in the UK.


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