How can 5G transform the transportation industry

The transportation network connects building, roads, rails, motorways and all modes of transport. The future transportation network will include a massive number of connected things and people that will exchange data with cloud data platforms to enable decisions to run efficiently traffic, manage freight, plan citizens day and provide a sustainable future platform for any new application and services. 5G ecosystem will offer a common platform, based on international standards, with wide geographical coverage to enable connectivity of things reliably and securely.

MaaS, smart cities, fleet management and 5G

With Mobility as a Service (MaaS), data platforms will be able to collect and analyse massive amounts of data from a number of sources. Data may be generated from sensors in response to signs like stoplights, bus stops or sensors in the roads or vehicles to generate traffic updates and reroute alerts. intelligence in the platform will stem from the volumes of data collected and analysed through connectivity on the go. 5G networks will enable the support of those connected things to transfer data to the cloud with enhanced bandwidth, support of massive connected things and low response time.

The 5G connected infrastructure will give us visibility into the combined movement of people and traffic and allow cities and transport authorities to plan traffic flow and manage transportation capacity in real time. Connected cities and roads with 5G technology will enable easier fleet management by getting consistency of data from connected fleet cars and delivery vehicles. It will enable real time traffic management, location tracking, speed to idle time and fuel consumption.

Connected Vehicles (CV)

CV’s exist at least for a decade with the form of telematics. The technologies typically used today to enable connectivity in transportation include a mixture of wireless networking protocols, but they operate in silos with high technology and supplier lock in effect.

To enable the future vision of connectivity, networks require common rules and policies that enable new seamless connectivity scenarios when travelling from cities to roads, to motorways and trains.

To achieve this vision, 5G ecosystem can provide a common platform to unify those technologies in order to make it possible to seamlessly hand off communication between access points when travelling with a connected vehicle.

5G for Autonomous Vehicles (AV)

Autonomous vehicles will use the connected infrastructure in two ways: Centralised control systems where intelligence in the cloud will control the flow of traffic through the infrastructure mounted sensors and networks or decentralised systems where individual vehicles make the driving decisions.

Decentralised systems exist today in some cars and manufacturers are working on further developing those platforms. In these systems the board-electronics play a major role.

The centralised autonomous car systems are an IoT application that will need to transmit large amount of data quickly and reliably. Today’s networks do not offer the required latency to achieve fast decisions for the centrally controlled autonomous car systems while 5G standards aim to meet this demand and enable handling the massive amount of data generated by AV for all kind of purposes.

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