From recurring wheel of debt and duplication to building on value

An Automatically caring society, where citizens and government employees are put front and centre.

A simple, seamless and automated information management foundation supporting Governments. A foundation that empowers Governments to build on value, allowing them to:

* Make better decisions, faster.

* Free staff from back office tasks.

* Become agile, automated, proactive, reducing overlapping costs.


The current recurring wheel of debt and duplication.

Governments patchwork of digitalisation has created a recurring wheel of debt.

The digital disconnect between departments and institutions is causing duplicated effort, costing 'Time and Money'. Front-line employees are spending up to sixty percent of their time managing information, which impedes outcomes, leaving citizens needs unaddressed.

This disconnect is delivering inconsistent decision. These decisions are being made on outdated information or multiple versions of the truth. The processes are reliant on high cost, high risk 'Extract, Cleanse, Transfer and Load' procedures. This creates bureaucracy, increases cost and impacts front-line employees, taking them away from


Supporting citizen needs

Governments have looked to layers of integration to replicate data. This is increasing costs, management, duplication and shackles employees to outdated systems, leaving the with paper based processes. This impedes Governments ability to evolve and build upon value, costing them 'Time and Money'.

The recurring wheel of debt, inconsistent decision and additional layers of duplication is increasing risks, leading to higher cost outcomes with short term fixes.


Governments desire

Governments Digital Strategy defined the need to:

* Harness and unlock the potential of Government's data.

* Make services work smoothly and seamlessly for citizens.

* Enable the right information to be available to the right part of Government at the right time.

* Create a linked ecosystem of trusted, resilient and accessible data.

* Make Government data easier to create, maintain and put to use.

* Extract maximum value from data to create better services for citizens.

* Collect data once and use it many times – reducing the respondents burden.


MP Eddie Hughes and Freer set out an opportunity for the UK Government to make a £8 Billion in savings from “connecting” data. This demonstrates a desire to save 'Time and Money'.

For Governments to truly evolve and maximise the value of their information they need to take a step back and understand the big picture. Governments have to move beyond “connecting” data, they need to understand and focus on the citizen journey across distributed processes and tasks. They have to mirror Citizen - Government interactions with automation and consistent high quality, coherent information.

Simple, innovative, yet extremely powerful technologies such as GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) can empower Governments to easily mirror processes with coherent, high quality information. G8CC's design enables Governments to build the big picture, breaking the recurring wheel of debt, shackles, duplicated costs and effort currently restricting Governments.

It provides the harness, governance and tool-kit that will allow Governments to create

an automatically caring societies. This enables Governments to put citizens and front-line employees front centre of processes, supporting Governments desires and digital strategy.

Governments need to develop a simple, agile, automated foundation, that frees employees to focus on citizen needs. They have a need to start small, scale and easily evolve painlessly across their distributed processes and tasks.

To understand how Governments can easily transform, evolve painlessly and save time and money, you can download our white-paper “Reactive to Proactive Governments” here.

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