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    Monday26Nov 2018

    Guest blog: Tom Adams, Director of Product at Cogeco Peer 1 explores supporting your company's journey to the cloud and highlights a great upcoming event.

Cloud has emerged as a strategic enabler for organisations of all sizes, and by now there are few IT decision-makers who aren’t at least aware of the cloud, or the opportunities it presents. However, there is also a lot of confusion, as awareness doesn’t always equate to understanding, with many concerns and questions still unanswered: should you choose full cloud hosting or a hybrid solution? How do you migrate your on-premise workloads to the cloud with confidence? Is your cloud secure?


Business case for the cloud

As the cloud has become demystified and better understood, the value proposition for IT and business leaders has moved away from price-point discussion, to business outcome discussions. The conversation is now about leveraging the power of the cloud to innovate and exceed the expectations of customers.

The cloud allows businesses to provide innovation in an instant. It provides the capabilities necessary when required, as oppose to the traditional model which required waiting for the infrastructure to be purchased and built. The cloud can also be public, or private, with private better suited for predictable workloads with peaks and troughs.


The future is hybrid

The future is definitely hybrid and multi-cloud, hybrid solutions mean workloads automatically move to the most optimised and cost-effective environment, based upon performance needs, security, data residency, application workload characteristics, and end-user demand and traffic.


Ensuring business expectations are met

A big challenge faced by businesses today isn’t actually the technology, it is the people and processes which must change and adapt. This can take a long time and limit the effectiveness of cloud adoption.

The benefits to moving to the cloud are massive, enabling agility, flexibility, improved performance, lower costs and digital transformation, just to name a few. Despite this, a lot of businesses struggle with cloud adoption because they lack a clear strategy. To maximise the above-mentioned benefits, it is imperative to get a proper strategy in place from the start.

Some businesses also fall into a ‘cloud trap’, which is a business model that aims to persuade people to buy into locked proprietary systems that will cost them more and more as time passes. At Cogeco Peer 1, we advocate a consumption-based model where you simply pay for what you use, so in effect it becomes like a fourth utility.


Making the journey  

To support your journey to the cloud, together with Microsoft we will be hosting a breakfast briefing to give you a new perspective that will help your you on your journey to the cloud.





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