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    Monday01Oct 2018

    Ahead of techUK's flagship event Supercharging the Digital Economy in Manchester on 18 October, leaders from industry and government share their thoughts on the...

Welcome to our Supercharging campaign week! Throughout the week we will be exploring the themes and topics which we will be addressing at our Supercharging the Digital Economy event on 18 October. This week we’ll be shining a spotlight on the increasing digitisation of our economy and wider society; the benefits that will bring, as well as the challenges and opportunities that exist in different sectors and what digital means for different regions in the UK.

As the UK Government’s Digital Strategy made clear, the benefits of digital are not just restricted to traditional digital sectors but rather that it “can make every business in every sector more productive, wherever they are located”. We’ll be shining a spotlight on what digitalisation means for retail – from an enriched customer experience to expanding revenue through online sales – and transport – where increasing automation can increase safety and productivity and how it puts in place the building blocks of future mobility services. We will also be considering what regions need to do in an increasingly digital world; what they need to do to attract and retain the talent and companies that are driving this digital revolution and the benefits in productivity and growth that they can deliver to regions.


Supercharging Campaign Week Blogs

Guest blog: Smart communities: using digital to improve people’s lives by Stu Higgins, Head of Smart Cities and IoT, Cisco

AI: A force for good? by Sue Daley, Head of Cloud, Data Analystics and AI, techUK

Guest blog: A closer look at the digitisation of UK transport by Milos Milojevic, Industry Analyst, PAC UK


Guest blog: Shaping the future with Scotland’s millennials by Ola Clark, Customer-Centric Design Analyst, CX Lab, Atos UK&I

Digital devolution: Supercharging the digital economy by Georgina Maratheftis, Programme Manager, Local Government, techUK

Guest blog: Bridging the UK skills gap: A race with no end by Andrew Lawson, Executive Vice President and General Manager, UK at Salesforce

Guest blog: Changing workforces and the role of digital labour by Martin Boakes, Sales Director, Thoughtonomy


Guest blog: Five Ingredients for Supercharging the Digital Economy by Sean Gulliford, Principal Consultant, Connected Devices, Gemserv

In an AI world will the customer still always be right? By Katherine Mayes, Programme Manager, Cloud, Data, Analytics and AI, techUK

Guest blog: The Impact of AI in the Workforce by Andy Peart, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Artificial Solutions

Guest blog: Data for good by Zandra Moore, CEO of Leeds-based Scale-up, Panintelligence


Guest blog: Retail’s digital revolution by Rachel Lund, Head of Retail Insights and Analytics, BRC

Virtual Retaily – How VR & AR will change shopping by Craig Melson, Programme Manager, Digital Devices, Consumer Electronics, Export Controls and Environment and Compliance, techUK

Will 5G Supercharge the Digital Economy? By Sophie Weston, Programme Manager, Communications Infrastructure, techUK


Full e-steam ahead: powering the future of mobility in the UK by Jessica Russell, Programme Manager, SmarterUK, Smart Cities & Communities and Smart Transport, techUK

Digital: Supercharging your region by Matthew Evans, Executive Director, SmarterUK and IoT, techUK

Guest blog: DfT - Future of Mobility by Ella Taylor, Head of Future of Mobility at CCAV (Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles)

Guest blog: EVs: a curse or a cure – how to unlock the energy markets for EVs by Alina Bakhareva, Strategy and Market  Analyst, and Nicholas Rubin, Market Architect, ELEXON



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    Matthew Evans

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  • Sue Daley

    Sue Daley

    Associate Director | Technology & Innovation
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