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    Monday24Sep 2018

    Guest Blog: Tom Adams, Cogeco Peer 1, considers how best to utilise cloud technology to create the most personalised customer experience possible.

Nowadays, the customer is king. Their expectations high, and their patience thin. If a brand isn’t able to offer what a customer wants, when they want it, that customer will look elsewhere.

This means marketers can no longer rely on usual customer service channels, and need to consider how best to utilise technology to truly create the most personalised customer experience possible.

Keeping pace 

We are all aware of the speed of technological change. Whether it is mobile apps, live chat, or another emerging technology, businesses need to be ready to incorporate this into their business and provide consumers with the tech they want to use.

Businesses have tried to keep up this change, but it can be difficult to know which tools and solutions they should leverage to best serve their business goals and keep their customers happy.

The best way to navigate this problem is to find a platform which offers the flexibility to move quickly and grow with developing channels, and changing customer demands. Cloud-based platforms are the answer to this. Businesses need to leave the disjointed nature of older systems behind, in favour of the powerful and flexible cloud.

Staying flexible

Cloud-based platforms allow the deployment of servers in a flexible way, so businesses can meet changing demand. An example could be a retailer faced with Black Friday sales, who will be able to deploy more servers to match the increased demand and make sure customer requests aren’t missed.

Alternatively, if demand declines, cloud allows server allocation to be reduced to cut costs. Cloud computing also provides reliability so there is back-up for most systems. This means a few systems failing doesn’t result in customer services failing completely, keeping the customer experience optimised and consistent.

Remaining nimble

Cloud computing enables businesses of all sizes to function at a higher level of service. Thanks to hosted platforms, businesses that subscribe to a cloud service are able to deal with large increases in volume on several platforms, incorporate appropriate self-service options, or leverage employees with specialised skills to better serve customer needs.

Cloud solutions are built to enable innovation and agility, which means life cycles of the deployment can develop. As a result, investing in a flexible platform doesn’t have to mean expensive upgrades or integrations as a business grows, rather it allows for new channels or services to be added in real time. To achieve this, a company requires a cloud technology which is scalable with the business and an experienced technology partner to advise them on how best to achieve this outcome.

A long-term fix

Any business that wants to gain new customers, delight existing ones and deliver modern customer experiences need to be making strategic investments in cloud. If a business gets this right, it won’t be delivering a short-term fix, it will be delivering a cloud-based customer service deployment which is flexible enough to integrate new technologies as they continue to surface for years to come.





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