Cloud security and the public sector

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    Wednesday26Sep 2018

    Guest Blog and Video: Bernard Parsons, CEO of Becrypt, explores the impact of the maturity of cloud technology on public sector organisation.

The maturity of cloud technology today has had a significant impact on the ability of public sector organisation to transform their IT infrastructures.  From a security perspective, the large cloud platform providers have both the ability and need to invest significant resource into security controls, security technology and security governance.


The need is in part due to the extent of the liabilities that they as organisations would face if there was a significant data breach of their platforms, and the resulting negative impact in confidence in the cloud model. Consequently, this level of expertise and technology now exists in a form that is available for their customers, including the public sector, and for more than 80% of public sector systems these platforms are secure enough, as recognised by authorities including NCSC.  This creates the opportunity for public sector organisations to adopt commodity services and platforms that are the same as those adopted by much of the private sector, enabling the benefits of cloud, such as agility, the advantages of software as a service or infrastructure as a service models, and the flexibility to scale up and scale down as organisations require.  These benefits, alongside the security that the cloud platform technology providers are able to deliver to the public sector, provides a very different environment across much of government to that that existed four or five years ago.





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