A trusted adviser: the role of consultants in cloud-based analytics

Large scale data and analytics for global organisations can be complex enough in their design, implementation and operationalisation, let alone adding in the unfamiliarity of cloud-based deployment options. There are many questions:

  • How do you decide between public, private, or managed cloud?
  • What about the ease of accessing the data; how are you going to get your data into your chosen cloud platform?
  • What cloud-based ecosystem solution will you choose or design to virtualise and run your analytic use cases?
  • Who will design this, and what are the cost implications?
  • What are the security risks and implications of moving and running your data and analytics platform in the cloud?

What most organisations need initially is a trusted advisor—or a consultant: a person who understands their business requirements and comprehends the business drivers behind the desired business outcomes. A consultant can advise on, and help navigate, the cloud journey as well as the data and analytics journey on which they want to embark. Trusted advisers bring with them a rich portfolio of technical experience and a deep understanding of the industry business specifics and market trends. They look at the bigger picture—the holistic view—and can guide the customer into making the right decision that supports the business outcomes they desire.

Having a trusted advisor for your data and analytics cloud journey is essential; however, having a team of consultants available to deliver on the agreed approach is vital. Organisations on this journey need to navigate their way through architectural decisions, design and implementation considerations, and right on through to operationalisation and support.

It comes down to experience to ensure you have the best skilled resources on your team. You need consultants who have worked with large and complex data sets. You need a team that has a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and hands-on experience who have implemented Cloud solutions with customers around the globe. It’s critical to avoid common pitfalls around cloud-based data and analytic solutions, which is why having experienced consultants on your side can make such a profound difference.

Having the right calibre of consultants, who can combine business acumen, data science, deep technical skills, and experience with analytical ecosystems on cloud-based platforms—working with you and for you—is crucial.

At Teradata, we are the pioneers of data and analytics consulting and technology. As trusted advisors to global enterprise customers, our highly skilled consultants use their analytical insights to help deliver optimal business outcomes in hybrid cloud-based deployments. Visit teradata to learn more.





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