London Tech Week: Highlights from IoTWorldEurope

IoT World Europe landed in London Tech Week with a splash as well as a bang at the Excel Centre. Sprawling over several of the conference halls, it was the place to be if you wanted to try out the latest in AR/VR, understand what the latest developments in IoT or delve into the possibilities that 5G might bring. 

It was great to chair a session in the Connected Consumer workstream about how we as a sector have to be more successful in meeting the 'challenge of simplicty' - that is, providing consumers with simple to use and resilient services which come from a variety of different sources and providers. 

The panel discussion which featured Device Pilot, Mozaiq and Strategy Analytics covered some of the technical challenges of interoperability and interchangeability in the developing IoT ecosystem and covered both the potential standards which may assist in encouraging interoperability. On interoperability it was clear that the panel did not see individual apps for certain devices - say a smart fridge - disappearing as they provided the most tailored service, but that there was clearly a role for a hub approach that covered the most general day-to-day of activities. 

As to when we might see true interoperability on between IoT devices and services? The panel was split from 'right around the corner' to 'never - but it'll alsways be improving'! Where there was agreement though was that consumer's valued a simple approach and were prepared to pay for it from trusted channels such as telcos or retailers. There were clear exampes with both having the opportunity to deepen their relationship with users in providing  both set-up and ongoing assistance of connected home services. 

Now, onto the splash reference. I confess my attention as Chair was being challenged by this incredible Formula 1 Power Boat.

What it's relation to the Internet of Things is, I don't know but I look forward to the VR experience at next year's event!

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