Guest Blog: Technology Trailblazers - Women Driving Change

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This International Women’s Day we’re reflecting on women whose pioneering and trailblazing work is driving change and reshaping gender narratives in a way that is futureproof and progressive. As a central theme to their work – they are harnessing technology, or indeed re-evaluating technologies as they interact with vital questions around ethics, race, sexuality and mobility to ensure that every voice is heard and counted. They share an optimism for the future, a belief in the power of technology and a passion for inclusivity and equality. Here is a taster of their work:

Immersive Technologies and Health - Deepa Mann-Kler

Deepa’s story showcases the power of curiosity, imagination and collaboration in challenging traditional pain conditions. Her passions for
visual art, and later discovery of virtual reality helped her to imagine technological possibilities and become a tech entrepreneur. Discover her story here and her entrepreneur survival tips here.

Integrating art and data - Julie Freeman

Julie’s work involves the marriage of art and data, with her artistic mission to embrace technology in order to shed light and showcase new
perspectives on society and the natural world. An artist by training, her collaborative approach incorporates technology, biology and mathematical science to bring data visualisation to life through the natural world. Discover her story here.

Holding Artificial Intelligence to account - Kay Firth-Butterfield

Kay is a passionate advocate of getting more women into the field of Artificial Intelligence to ensure that the technology of the future is free from biases including gender and race. Her passion for battling injustice and interest in the intersection of science, global politics and law have made
her a tireless proponent of ethics within AI. Her leadership in this field is all the more vital given the lack of representation of women within machine learning. She shares her tips for getting into AI here.

Championing workplace gender equality – Mara Breen

Mara’s story is linked to her own personal experience of progression and development within the workplace. Using her experiences and
trajectory to inspire and help guide others, she has established groups and coaching to sponsor the development of women and men, blazing a trail within her organisation to empower others. Discover her advice to women considering a career in technology here.

These women are shining examples of what it means to create practical solutions, to initiate important conversations and showcase new
perspectives. By pushing the limits and asking tough questions, their work and their missions are an inspiration and offer an optimistic window into the future.

Technology can be a powerful agent of change and vehicle for progress, and as our trailblazers highlight – it’s about making sure that
technology is representative of our world, free from bias, inclusive and diverse – so that we all reap the rewards, together.

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