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    Friday17Mar 2017

    Guest blog by Sam Nash, UK Cities and Local Government Consulting Lead for Accenture UK for techUK's "Good to Great Connectivity for the UK" Week. #ConnectedFuture

The government has recently announced an investment of £17m to boost the already fast developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry within the UK, developed in line with the wider digital strategy. It is easy to see why this is a fast growing industry, with cities, governments and local business using, or considering using, AI in varying degrees to make considerable back office savings and engage with citizens in a totally new way. AI is becoming part of our everyday life through our smartphone to how we apply for a mortgage:

The opportunities are almost endless when trying to improve the lives of citizens in urban cities as well as rural areas. The problems faced in both these states will be different but the need to continue to develop the technology is just as great. Given the incredible scalability that can be seen from using AI and robotics the notion of creating many prototypes and fostering local, as well as national innovation is key.

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There are two key trends that are emerging. The first concerns AI managing the UI to enhance citizen experience on digital channels, but also for call centre agents. The second concerns better decision making, with AI enabling data driven insights as advanced analytics continues to evolve. This smarter way of working can unlock significant cost saving benefits. We surveyed public sector workers and found that 48% thou ght utilising smart technology, like AI, had helped them achieve cost reductions.

By combining them, you can drive more value through Agent Amplification, broadening the skills of employees. Employees will access information via an AI UI, and critically AI will support the employee using Augmented Decision Making. This, could help front line staff, both emergency and non-emergency, service numbers to triage information and make more accurate decisions.

Guest blog by Sam Nash, UK Cities and Local Government Consulting Lead for Accenture UK for techUK's "Good to Great Connectivity for the UK" Week.

Get involved at #ConnectedFuture. More information is available on techUK’s Communications Infrastructure Programme.

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