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new report commissioned by Kaspersky Lab to coincide with the day looked at what it is really like to be a woman in tech. No surprises that ‘mansplaining’ was rife and that many women can feel daunted when they enter tech for the first time. A good reminder that despite the progress we’ve made there is still a lot more our industry can do to attract and retain women.    

The race to the end of the European Parliamentary session continues apace, with trilogues completed on the Copyright Directive. The sector continues to warn about the dangers of unpicking principles around liability that have underpinned the digital economy for some time. Even content owners are now expressing concern about the plans for Articles 11 (which deals with press publishers) and Article 13 (which deals with remuneration for a range of copyrighted content) with some rightsholders now warning the plans will have an impact on their businesses.   

In the UK, Dame Frances Cairncross published her review into a sustainable future for journalism (the Cairncross Report). This is a vital contribution to the debate on how to best adapt in a world where the way we access news is changing. Dame Frances surfaces the many complexities and nuances of the issues at play here, some of which predate the emergence of new digital platforms. In response the Secretary of State for Digital, Jeremy Wright, has asked the CMA to conduct a market study into digital advertising and launched his own internal review into the matter.  

Further a field the news that OpenAI are holding back releasing an artificially-intelligent writer because of fears that it could be used ‘maliciously’. This crystallises the conversation industry is having around AI, data and ethics prompting further debate in this space. The BBC’s Dave Lee has written up a good summary of the issues here.

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techUK is holding a free one-day conference on 2 April focussing in on tech and human rights. The conference will focus on what businesses can do to operationalise human rights as well as looking at current and future risk. For more information and to confirm your place, click here.   

techUK is teaming up with SWIFT and Bank of England to explore the switch to the ISO 20022 standard and the Bank of England’s move to extend access to the Real Time Gross Settlement System. If you know what any of that means and want to come along you can register for the event which is taking place on 21 February, here.   

Finally, we will be holding a Campaign Week series for SME Week from 11-15 March 2019 and we would be delighted to have you contribute to it. If you would like to take part, please email Simona Paliulyte for more details. The deadline for content to be submitted is Wednesday 6 March. 

P.s: International Women’s Day is now less than a month away. We are always so heartened to see so many of our members mark the occasion in a variety of ways – if you or your business have plans in the pipeline that you’d like techUK to share, please drop me an email!  

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