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Policy Pulse has been absent recently while we have been working on our website, for which we apologise. However, we are delighted to announce that we have now launched our new techUK portal website, allowing our members and stakeholders to engage more directly with techUK’s work. Check out the techUK portal here and do get in touch with any questions. Also in this week’s Policy Pulse:

  • techUK CEO writes for The Times Red Box on a watershed moment for tech;
  • Government outlines proposals for a Digital Tax;
  • Gender Pay Gap revealed as companies report their findings;
  • Government publishes ‘Secure by Design’ report.

All this and more, get your tech policy fix below.

Top Tech Policy News

Tech disruptors can’t complain when they face a watershed moment (The Times Red Box £)
techUK’s CEO, Julian David, looks at what could be a watershed moment in tech following the Cambridge Analytica revelations. This can also be seen on techUK’s website here.

The UK and the EU publish digital tax proposals (BBC)
Proposals for a digital tax have been published by the European Commission and the UK Government. techUK continues to believe an international solution to taxation, through the OECD, offers the best chance of success.

IoT security must be the foundation of design, not an afterthought (Computer Weekly)
Following the Government’s publication of ‘Security by Design’ report, Julian David, sets out why developers need to make security be design a fundamental part of IoT products. techUK’s full response to the Government’s report is here.

Companies publish details of their gender pay gap (BBC)
For the first time the gender pay gap has been exposed. Here the BBC set out six things we learned from the reporting.

EU and Japan ask to join US’ WTO case against China over enforced technology transfer (FT £)
Tensions over US-China trade continue to escalate as the EU and Japan join a case launched by US against China over intellectual property practices.

London’s Innovation Census (CognitionX)
Are you working in AI? Deploying AI? The Mayor of London has commissioned CognitionX to develop a stronger evidence base for the Mayor’s policy towards the AI industry. If you are an AI company, or are deploying AI, or simply have an opinion about AI in London you can contribute to the survey here.

techUK Action & Reaction

£5 million Ada Lovelace Institute announced to co-ordinate digital ethics debate (Diginomica)
The Nuffield Foundation announced the new Ada Lovelace Institute for Digital Ethics, which techUK has long supported and contributed to. Antony Walker, Deputy CEO, says ‘Digital ethics is not a substitute for regulation, but an essential complement that can support innovation’.

Time for action: how do we remedy the Gender Pay Gap? (techUK)
India Lucas, techUK’s new Policy Manager for Skills, Talent and Diversity, looks at the results of the Gender Pay Gap investigation what the tech sector can do to improve.

Does GDPR prevent Blockchain, or does Blockchain assist GDPR? (techUK)
techUK Policy Manager, Jeremy Lilley, spoke at a European Parliament in Brussels roundtable on the interplay between GDPR and Blockchain technologies.

What do tech exporters want from Brexit? Find out in new techUK report (techUK)
techUK published a new paper, ‘What tech exporters want from Brexit’, which outlines the steps the UK should take to ensure current trade is not disrupted.

Will the data protection world be different under GDPR? (techUK)
Following the Cambridge Analytica revelations, techUK’s Jeremy Lilley looks at how things might have been different under GDPR.

More News & Comment

Is social media really to blame for London’s knife crime? (Wired)

Where is AI being applied? (DeepIndex)

Robot performs double cancer surgery (Sky News)

Dubai to launch digital number plates (BBC)

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