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In this week's edition:

  • Labour stresses the importance of lifelong learning in the age of automation; 
  • Are UK tech entrepreneurs being wooed by President Macron?
  • The UK tops list again as tech capital of Europe;
  • techUK hosts US Chamber of Commerce for Cyber Security policy roundtable;
  • And plenty more!

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Top Tech Policy News

Labour urges lifelong learning in era of technological change (Independent)
Labour leader stresses the impact of automation and technological change and states re-training must be at centre stage in coming years.

French President woos UK tech entrepreneurs (CityAM)
Macron meets UK startups as France looks to attract tech companies with plan on talent, investment and research.

Britain remains tech capital of Europe (Times £)
Topping the list with the most tech "unicorns" the UK maintains position as European tech capital for another year.

US group raises concerns about EU tech tax (Guardian)
American Chamber of Commerce in Europe says EU plans to tax digital organisations could jeopardise international efforts for multilateral agreements.

techUK Action & Reaction

UK has position of strength in AI, but key issues must first be addressed (techUK)
techUK stresses need to build public trust in AI in evidence to new House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence.

techUK hosts US Chamber of Commerce cyber security roundtable (techUK)
Greater cooperation across national boundaries to boost cyber security efforts key theme of roundtable with US Chamber of Commerce.

Watch: What employers need to know when preparing for GDPR (techUK)
With less than a year until enforcement, techUK's Sue Daley shares advice to businesses on GDPR implementation.

Minister takes right approach in Cyber Challenge speech (techUK)
techUK welcomes Matt Hancock highlighting the need for greater collaboration within the UK and internationally to tackle cyber security threat.

More News & Comment

STEM subjects top the list for employability (Times £)

RSA Report looks at impact of AI, Robotics and Automation on work (RSA)

Macron wants European agency for disruptive innovation (ScienceBusiness)

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