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Rethink Needed on New European Copyright Proposals

Responding to the new European Copyright proposals, Charlotte Holloway, Policy Director at techUK, said:

“Today’s copyright announcement sadly falls short of the Commission’s original aim to create rules that are fit for the digital age. The tech industry will have big questions for the Commission about how such moves support innovation, particularly for European start-ups and scale-ups.

“New proposed rules on hyperlinking content are a step backwards – introducing new rights could result in serious and unintended consequences that undermine the decentralised structure of the internet.”

Key proposals announced: 

  • Companies may have to pay European publishers and content creators for showcasing or otherwise making “use of the work”. This chiefly refers to hyperlinked ‘snippets’ of content. Snippets represent the small preview box that appears when you view hyperlinks or search results. This ‘ancillary copyright’ could hold for up to twenty years.
  • European consumers could have the right to view and purchase content online from across the single market regardless their location. 
  • Companies could also be forced to release commercial sensitive details of contracts they have struck with major content providers. Other content producers would then be able to re-negotiate their relationship to ad-based platforms.
  • The new copyright directive proposes that all user-generated content platforms use “effective content recognition technologies”. Startups would face a heavy burden attempting to implement such technologies

>>> Check out techUK four priorities for getting EU copyright fit for the digital age 

For further detail on techUK's work on Brexit and the Digital Single Market, contact Charlotte Holloway and Shane Murphy:

For more information on techUK's work on Copyright check out the Intellectual Property Policy Group

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