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techUK Women in Tech Manifesto

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    Tuesday05Aug 2014

    techUK publishes its 2014 Women in Tech Manifesto, outlining our key priorities for the coming year.

Together with Women in Tech Chair Eileen Brown & Women in Tech Board Champion Jacqueline de Rojas, we have published our 2014 Women in Tech manifesto. The manifesto outlines our four key initiatives designed to span the full career lifecycle from education through to Board level appointments and our commitment to increasing the number of women working in the tech sector.

techUK - Why diversity?

At techUK we strongly believe that having a gender balanced workforce across the IT sector
strengthens the sector's ability to retain its market position as the cornerstone of industry
across global markets. By widening the talent pool and bringing in the brightest and best
women, the IT sector will continue to thrive and grow in both size and stature.

techUK - How we operate...

By encouraging women to enter or return to the tech industry at all levels , we become more
robust, more competitive and more innovative. All ingredients needed to kick start and
rebalance the UK as the destination of choice for investment.

techUK - What we do...

FTSE 350: We specifically aim to get more women into FTSE 350 boardrooms by actively
engaging with businesses and search firms to include female talent in their short lists and by
bringing women together with role models who offer the confidence and network to get
them there.

Challenging Industry: We challenge businesses to offer best practice relating to their female
population focused on attracting, retaining and sustaining talent at all levels in their

Walk Tall: We will launch a program to target women who have left the tech industry after a
career break to return to the workforce. This is a program designed to improve confidence,
personal brand, leverage networks and ends with the techUK certification presented by a
panel of leading industry figures.

Girls in tech: techUK continues its program to attract entry level talent into the industry and
this year, will be actively supporting the work of organisations focussed on increasing the
number of young girls inspired by technology and the technology sector. techUK will partner
with these organisations to both raise awareness and attract volunteers to actively engage in this important initiative.


For more information on techUK's Women in Tech programme, get in touch with Sharon Clews.

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