techUK vision for keeping the UK at the forefront of cloud adoption

Cloud computing is fundamental to UK’s digital future, according to techUK Cloud2020.  Today techUK launched Cloud 2020 Vision, which outlines what must be done to keep the UK at the forefront of cloud adoption.  

The paper highlights the fundamental importance of cloud computing to the next wave of the UK’s digital development and the benefits the UK can gain from driving innovation and adoption of cloud based technologies. Cloud 2020 Vision outlines key recommendations in the following 6 areas that need to be addressed to ensure this happens:

  1. Enabling data portability and system interoperability within the cloud computing ecosystem
  2. Building trust in the security of cloud computing services
  3. Supporting the cultural shift required to optimise the use of cloud
  4. Building a coherent regulatory framework for cloud
  5. Ensuring effective public sector adoption and usage of cloud
  6. Having a communications infrastructure that keeps pace with mass cloud adoption. 

Also released today was techUK's Cloud Business Guide for Business Leaders, which is designed to help business leaders consider how a move to cloud computing can address their business needs. The guide provides advice and information on key consideration for those deciding whether to transition to cloud, including the importance of mapping cloud services to business requirements, an introduction to the different cloud models available and the specific and unique features of public cloud services. Also included in the guide is a check list of questions for business leaders to ask cloud providers when procuring public cloud services.  

Over the coming weeks, techUK members will be invited to get involved in driving forward techUK's Cloud 2020 Vision and the Cloud Business Guide for Business Leaders. Members interested in getting involved in these activity should contact the Cloud and Mobile Services team for more information.

For more information please contact:

  • Sue Daley

    Sue Daley

    Associate Director | Technology & Innovation
    T 020 7331 2055


Cloud business guide for business leaders (pdf)techUK Cloud 2020 Vision (pdf)

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