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    Friday19Feb 2016

    techUK is looking for Big Data specialists to inspire and encourage more people to enter the industry to help close the Big Data skills gap.

As part of the re-launch of techUK’s Big Data Skills Working Group next Wednesday 24 February 2016, we’re launching a new campaign to celebrate the work of Big Data Heroes, who are the leaders in their field and are driving forward all aspects of the Big Data industry. The heroes will inspire and encourage more people to enter careers in the world of Big Data.

techUK will be championing the different types of careers available in Big Data and the people that are making a difference by asking them what made them choose this career, how they got there, what their typical day involves and what they most enjoy about their work. We will also be enquiring about the future of the industry and what advice they would give to people considering a career in Big Data and Data Analytics.

A new Big Data Hero will be selected each month and techUK will publish an interview with them to gain valuable insights from their career and experiences.

Here in the UK we have the opportunity to be a world leader in Big Data. However, to achieve this we need to address the Big Data skills gap which is making it difficult for organisations of all size and sector to benefit from Big Data solutions to the extent they could be.

The UK needs to inspire people to enter Big Data careers so we have a workforce and talent pool that can ensure we benefit from the data revolution. Not enough is being done to highlight potential careers in Big Data and Data Analytics, despite the urgent need for more people to enter this industry and this is why techUK is launching this new campaign.

Big Data skills are set to be the most sought after over the next five years and techUK’s working group will be looking at how the Big Data skills gap can be addressed.

If you wish to be nominated, or want to nominate a friend/colleague to be one of techUK’s Big Data Heroes please contact Jeremy Lilley. You do not have to be a member of techUK to be a Big Data Hero.

Watch this space for the announcement of techUK’s first Big Data Hero next week!

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