Next steps on Licensed shared access (LSA) study

This report from Plum Consulting presents the findings of a study commissioned by the UK Spectrum Policy Forum to assess spectrum sharing in general and the Licensed Shared Access (LSA) mechanism in order to make proposals for the most acceptable specification for LSA for the UK.

LSA key findings

From the key findings presented in the report (as in figure above), the UK Spectrum Policy Forum presents the following recommendations:

  1. Ofcom confirms that no change is needed to either current legislation (the Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006), or the licensing regime operated under that legislation, for LSA to be implemented in the UK. Spectrum users should apply to Ofcom in the usual way for new licences or amendments to existing licences, if required, when making arrangements for shared use of frequencies.

  2. Policy makers consider the scope to simplify the process for sharing arrangements for public sector spectrum. In particular this should include how the use of Crown RSA and incentives such as AIP could be improved so as to encourage public sector users to share.

  3. Policy makers and industry should look at ways in which greater transparency of information on spectrum supply and spectrum demand can be achieved.

  4. Ofcom and industry work toward a bolder approach to interference scenarios for coexistence purposes to maximise the opportunity for sharing.


In making these recommendations, the UK SPF recognises that much of this work is necessary for effective spectrum management in the future and it believes that now is the time to ensure that policy enables this aim. The UK SPF also notes that this may be particularly applicable for 5G and sharing scenarios that may be necessary with future 5G spectrum allocations.

These recommendations were discussed and agreed at the Plenary meeting held on Tuesday 15th October 2015.

To find out more about work of the UK Spectrum Policy Forum, please get in touch:

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