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Who are Panintelligence?
Panintelligence is a Leeds-headquartered business intelligence software firm. In a nutshell, we’re passionate about data and insights, which help businesses across a range of sectors – including healthcare, retail and education – to improve their reporting and deliver greater ROI.

You’ve grown from a start up to a disruptive tech scale up, what advice would you give to others?
My top piece of advice would be to not go it alone.

Nowadays, there are lots of start-up and scale-up business incubator programmes, which offer support to companies – this worked for us, and they should definitely be taken advantage of. Organisations reach a point when they’re scaling up quickly, but perhaps they don’t know what they want to achieve – or maybe they do, but just don’t know how to get there. Either way, incubator schemes offer advice and a network of contacts to help you figure this out.

We joined a PwC scale-up programme and this helped us to speak to other businesses of a similar size – which were also asking like-minded questions – and we attended a number of workshops and roundtables, which featured inspiring speakers who had made their business transition a successful reality.

Often as a business owner, you feel like you can’t afford the time to take part in such programmes, but my advice is to make time and it’ll be worth it. It’s a fantastic foundation on which to build your network – and confidence – and find out what you need to be considering when scaling a business.

For us, this kind of scheme, was an integral part of our journey, and it allowed me the time to take stock and reflect on the longer-term strategy of the business. And, I also met people who are now colleagues, friends and associates – it definitely provided the foundation for our development.

What challenges or advantages have you encountered from being a regional based tech SME?
The biggest challenge is that investment opportunities for specialised funds – that understand SaaS or tech companies – is predominantly London centric.

Being located out of the capital means that it’s more difficult to get on city investors’ radars. In addition, these city funds don’t really ‘understand’ or cater to the tech ecosystem of regions – for example, when compared to regional investors, they don’t know how much talent is in the area or if it’s a thriving digital economy.

That’s why if you’re a tech company applying for funding and you’re based outside of London, you need to devise a pitch deck for your region and city, before creating one for your business. Essentially, you have to sell why it’s a great place to scale your organisation and demonstrate that there’s enough opportunity to expand.

On the other side of the coin, there are many advantages of being a regional tech firm. Firstly, there isn’t as much competition for talent as in the larger cities – and you don’t tend to have the same turnover of staff – meaning you can build dedicated teams quickly and spend less on habitual recruitment.

In addition, there’s also a better quality of work-life balance outside the big city – with staff rewards being more intrinsic, such as the ability to work remotely. And, the great thing is that people who choose to work in Yorkshire over London value this work-life balance too – so we’re attracting the skilled workers who have the same working ethos as Panintelligence.

What does the future hold for Panintelligence?
The future is looking very exciting – and international – for Panintelligence. We are about to go live on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) marketplace – a move which will help us to scale up on a global level, by enabling companies from across the world to get their hands on our tech.

Also, by being featured on this prestigious platform, it’s also a huge endorsement for us as a brand. It definitely sets the tone surrounding the quality of our product, as well as communicates the big ambitions of the business.

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