Welcome to techUK's Drones4Good Week

Today gets techUK's first drones week off the ground - discussing the opportunities drones can deliver for UK's public services and businesses, showing how they are making a positive difference to people's everyday lives, highlighting how we rebalance the public debate and presenting the benefits offered for all organisations particularly by the convergance between drones and other key fourth industrial revolution (4IR) technologies, inclusing IoT, AI and Digital Twins. 

The week will also address the challenges drone adoption faces, such as concerns around cyber secuirty, trust and public perception, and how to overcome these. We aim to provide an overview of where drone technology adoption levels currently stand alongside outlining what needs to be done to better position the UK for leadership in this key 4IR technology. 

Want to know more right now? Check out the techUK podcast on Drones for Good which is out now with speakers Elaine Whyte, Drones lead at PwC and Sam Nixson from Meteomatics talking about how drone techology is being used for good across the UK and how to refocus public debate on the positive role of drones. 

Over the coming days, techUK will bring you content on the following Drones topics: 

Monday - The UK’s vision for drones and how to make this happen 

Tuesday - How drones are supporting public services and making a difference 

Wednesday - Opportunities for UK businesses - how to generate greater demand and adoption 

Thursday - Challenges and barriers to the UK’s drone future and how these can be addressed  

Friday - Next steps and moving forward – what are the key ingredients of UK drone success  


Keep up to date with this week's campaign by viewing all posts so far by visiting the links below. You can also join the discussion all this week on social media using the #drones4good and visiting @techUK. 

Monday - The UK's vision for drones and how to make this happen

Drones Event Round-Up - a summary of the key topics raised at techUK's speaker-led Drones and UK's 4IR Event which showcased how drones are used for good and the necessary steps for ensuring their success and benefits in all organisations. 

Enterprise Drone Programme - Getting It Right - Guest blog: Chris Gee, Agilio, outlines how drones can be successfully implemented and scaled across enterprises to increase productivity, deliver cost savings and reduce risk. 

What does the future of drones look like, and how do we get there? - Guest blog: Dewi Madden, Frazer-Nash Consultancy, explores the advancements and challenges with autonomous drone platforms and how they will impact the future of society. 

Tuesday - How drones are supporting public services and making a difference 

Saving lives and money - how public sector drone use is taking off - Guest blog: Megan Stagman, Inline Policy, through use examples highlights the benefits of drones for emergency services, environmental monitoring and protection, and infrustructure maintanence and secuirty showcasing the huge potential for drones in the public sector. 

Drone tech helping to tackle climate change, one flight at a time - Guest blog: Joanne Muray, PwC, illustrates how drones can support environment improving strategies through the examples of drone use helping reduce deforestation and assisting renewable energy source schemes. 

Drone for Rural Crime - Guest blog: Edward Delderfield, Lincolshire Police Drones, considers the benefits drones offer to operational policing through Lincolnshire based case study examples. 

Milton Keynes Council uses drones to monitor development sites - Guest blog: Aamenah Vaid, GeoPlace, Milton Keynes Council has developed an innovative approach to monitoring development sites. With the use of drone technology, it is using imagery to support and manage its Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG) providing an effective and timely data collection solution.

Wednesday - Opportunities for UK businesses - how to generate greater demand and adoption

Going public with the drone message - Guest blog: Philip Hicks, Kredo Consulting, the tech PR agency focused on clients in disruptive markets including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), makes the case for positive messaging to support growth of a dynamic industry. 

Is it time to fly your ideas? - Guest blog: Paul Roscoe, Marks & Clerk, discusses the uses, posibilties and protection that patent portfolios offer in the field of drone technology. 

Thursday - Challenges and barriers to the UK’s drone future and how these can be addressed

Overcoming the Drone Accountability Challenge with Identity Linked Drones - Guest blog: Derek Woods, Yoti, outlines how linking digital identities to drones would enhance their security, accountability and increase their public acceptance. 

Beyond BVLOS and Assuring Autonomy - Guest blog: William Barnes, Frazer-Nash Consultancy, discusses how combining BVLOS and autonomy is the key to step change in UAS capability. 

2020 could be the year that drones take off - Guest blog: Scott Petty, Vodafone, puts forward the benefits and solutions that cellular connection offers drone technology. 

Unmanned aviation - Who should pay? - Guest blog: James Cranswick, Deloitte, examines how changing the regulatory frameworks and systems of airspace would make the most out of the opportunities created by unmanned aviation. 

"Amazing but scary": Why it's time to build trust and belief in drones - Guest blog: Joanne Murray, PwC, proposes to build trust in drones through key factors: Education, Accountability, and Reward and Benefit. 

Friday - Next steps and moving forward – what are the key ingredients of UK drone success  

The Power of Collaboration for the Future of the UK Drone Industry - Guest blog: Elena Major, ARPAS, highlights the need for collaboration to lead and enable UK's drone future. 

The time is now for BVLOS - Guest blog: John McKenna, sees.ai, showcases sees.ai priority to address BVLOS progressively by accounting for risk and safety, and by staying within the regulatory framework. 

How drones are powering the future of utilities - Guest blog: Rainer Masopust, Atos, discusses how combining drone technology with emerging tech, namely edge computing and AI, expands drone deployment possibilites. 

Making drones work in local government - Guest blog: Chriss Gee, Agilio, proposes steps on how local governments can make drones work for them by reviewing and controlling for risks.


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