Welcome to techUK Digital Ethics Week

Today marks the start of techUK’s first ever Digital Ethics Week – highlighting examples of how industry is embedding digital ethics practices to deliver genuine benefits to people’s everyday lives.

Throughout the week we will reflect on how industry is applying digital ethics to provide real answers to the tough, challenging questions being raised by the impact of advanced data-driven technologies, as well as the highlights from techUK’s third annual Digital Ethics Summit taking place this week. We will be sharing guest blogs and daily tweets, taking stock and reflecting on our current progress and discussing the future trajectory for digital ethics over the next few years, including where we should focus our efforts and attention in 2020 and beyond.

Over the coming days, our members will be contributing blogs on how they are addressing the following key ethical challenges:

  • Monday- Fairness and Transparency
  • Tuesday- Inclusivity and Diversity
  • Wednesday- Ethics and the Tech for Good Debate
  • Thursday- Data Privacy and Governance
  • Friday- Accountability and Explainability

For more information, join the discussion on social media using the #DigitalEthics and visiting @techUK.

Keep up to date this week’s campaign by viewing all posts so far by visiting the links below.

Monday - Fairness and Transparency

Industry must show how ethics is having an impact - Guest blog: Jonathan Ebsworth, techdotpeople, examines why and how businesses consider ethical impact. 

AI & Society - A Responsible View - Guest blog: Kate Rosenshine, Microsoft, reflects on the conversation around AI. 

Tuesday - Inclusivity and Diversity

The Power of Diversity and Inclusion in Workplace - Guest blog: Riham Satti, MeVitae, explores uconscious bias and its affect on recruitment. 

Ethical AI in a World of Open Finance - Guest blog: Luke Scanlon, Fintech Propositons and Angus McFadyen, Pinsent Masons, consider how to ethically implement AI within the world of open banking. 

How do we get digital ethics right? - Guest blog: Andrew Pakes, Prospect, highlights the importance of making digital ethics inclusive. 

Has the world's most exclusive industry failed to plan for inclusion - Guest blog: Lisa Talia Moretti, Methods, discusses the need to include a variety of voices in the development of AI and other technological innovations. 

Wednesday - Ethics and the Tech for Good Debate

UK could win global AI race by asking difficult questions - Guest blog: Felicity Burch, CBI, considers the next steps in applying ethics to AI. 

Can we trust artifical intelligence in government? - Guest blog: Steve Thorn, Civica, examines how to navigate the deployment of AI. 

Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Ethics - Guest blog: Olivia Gambelin, Ethical Intelligence, looks at the importance of using ethics in innovation.

Ethical technology - why it's still about the people, not the bots - Guest blog: John Cheney, Workbooks, discusses the importance of retaining user input in the development of data and AI. 

Data Ethics: Putting words into action at techUK annual summit - Clara Lemaire, Splunk, presents Splunk's role in the Digital Ethics summit and ongoing AI, machine learning and data ethics discussion. 

Thursday - Data Privacy and Governance

The Arm AI Ethics Manifesto - Guest blog: Stephen Pattison, Arm, discusses the need to create an ethical framework for AI development and regulation.

How we built privacy into the Yoti app - Guest blog: Amy Colville, Yoti, presents Yoti's secure digital ID's. 

Is AI adoption inevitable or even good? - Guest blog: Josephine Young, Methods, examines the issue of data privacy in AI adoption.

He who eats bread with you - Guest blog: Amy Colville, Yoti, showcases how B Corps apply an ethical framework to ensure users' data privacy and security. 

Friday - Accountability and Explainability

Explainable or Interpretable AI? - Guest blog: Detlef Nauck, BT, discusses why we should create interpretable AI models. 

Engineering Ethics into AI - Guest blog: Carolyn Herzog, Arm, considers how to address the accountability of AI by developing an ethical framework which ensures fairness and responsibility. 

For trustworthy AI, explaining "why" is essential - Guest blog: David Leslie and Josh Cowls, Alan Turing Institute, highlight the importance of making AI systems explainable, specifically to those impacted by them. 

Reading List

techUK's Christmas Reading List - Take a look at our Christmas reading list consisting of books on the subject of Digital Ethics, and other current and thought-provoking innovative tech topics. 

Summit Round-Up

The Digital Ethics Summit Round Up - Your guide to a summary of the key themes and discussions raised during the summit panels and sessions. 



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