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    Friday29Nov 2019

    This week techUK will highlight the successes of open banking and examine the potential for ‘exporting’ these principles to wider sectors of the economy...

The Open Data campaign week will provide insights into the successes of open banking and examine the potential for ‘exporting’ these principles to wider sectors of the economy. Outputs will be focused on the opportunities for the UK to expand the open banking principles to the whole financial services sector and to the wider economy.

Throughout the week we will be looking at topics central in helping to create an open data economy, highlighting all the opportunities for business and customers. Starting from Open Banking, which is a great example of how data sharing and data mobility can help customers get more of their data, through the use of technology including AI and machine learning.

We will also be examining some the challenges and lessons learnt from Open Banking as regulators start working on Open Finance and Smart Data: the changes to business models and infrastructures required; the possible regulatory implications; the security and consumer protection aspects and what needs to be done to achieve this transition.

We will continue the conversation on Thursday 28 November at the conference we are organising in partnership with the Open Banking Implementation Entity: 'Open Banking - A Blueprint for the Digital Economy?’

How do you think an Open Data economy should be designed and built? Join the conversation on #OpenData #OBB19 @techUK

Themes to be explored include:

  • Digital Identity
  • Ethics
  • Business models
  • Security
  • Data mobility
  • AI and machine learning

Guest blog: What is open banking and why is it on the rise? by Paul Hudson, Principal Solutions Strategist at Automated Intelligence.

Guest blog: The age of data abundance (and time poverty) by Marcus Martinez – Director, Head of Open Banking.

Guest blog: Open Banking Ecosystem - are you running a risk? by Justin Day, CEO at Cloud Gateway.

Guest blog: Ethical AI in a world of open finance by Luke Scanlon, Head of Fintech Propositions and Angus McFadyen, Partner and Technology Lawyer, Pinsent Masons.

Guest blog: The Replay Challenge by by Andrew Bud, Founder and CEO, iProov.

Guest blog: All I want for Christmas is Time & Convenience by Graham Cressey, FinTech Lab “Open Data” Stream Sponsor, Accenture.

Guest blog: Why banks must reduce technological complexities to offer open banking by Tim FitzGerald, UK Banking & Financial Services Sales Manager, InterSystems.



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    Hugo Rousseau

    Programme Manager | Financial Services and Payments
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