techUK’s #QuantumFuture campaign week comes to a close!



Over the next five years, the proportion of firms seeking to invest in quantum computing is set to nearly triple[1].

In preparation, techUK has already begun to engage UK industry, to better understand how the development, deployment and adoption of quantum technologies might have profoundly positive and transformative consequences for high-value technology sectors and society at large.

At our recent workshops on quantum computing and post-quantum cryptography, techUK engaged with UK industry to explore how the emergence of quantum technologies might add to the growing complexity of the UK’s economy, raising the stakes across international markets and strengthening the need for cross-sector collaboration, investment and responsible innovation.

Building on the insights gained in these sessions, we are delighted to welcome you to techUK’s first ever #QuantumFuture week! Each day, we covered different themes, highlighting the views of policy makers, investors and innovators at the forefront of the UK's burgeoning quantum technology sector:

Monday – Vision and strategy for the UK’s quantum future

Guest Blog: QTEC's Vision and strategy for the UK’s #QuantumFuture

Guest Blog: Fact Based Insight on quantum supremacy – a new era?

Guest Blog: BT advocate an integrated national response to quantum!

Guest Blog: Rahko- Where will the first big gains in quantum computing be?


Tuesday – Opportunities for commercialisation and deployment: Where, when and how?

Guest Blog: Verne Global- Qubits North America: Rumours from the Trade Show Floor

Guest Blog: KETS on market convergence between quantum and cyber!

Guest Blog: Atos- a quantum leap for healthcare!

Guest Blog: Teledyne e2V discuss the UK's #QuantumFuture!

Wednesday – Cyber security and quantum: A match made in heaven?

Guest Blog: Fujitsu- a quantum computing storm on the horizon?

Guest Blog: Fact Based Insight on quantum safe cryptography!

Guest Blog: KETS- Thwack! There are no timeouts in dodgeball. 

Guest Blog: Roke Manor Research Ltd- The Security Impact of Quantum Computing


Thursday – Possible challenges to the UK’s quantum future? How do we plan for success today? (investment, skills, supply chain development, sustainability)

Guest Blog: Networked Quantum Information Technologies (NQIT) hub on building pathways to quantum advantage

Guest Blog: AppliedQubit's CEO on the challenges of bringing quantum computing mainstream

Guest Blog: Teledyne e2V- opportunities for quantum in the UK!


Friday – What does the UK need to succeed and what is the industry call to action?

Guest Blog: Dr. Graeme Malcolm OBE, CEO & Founder at M Squared, discusses quantum talent in the UK!

Guest Blog: KETS on supporting the UK's quantum start-up ecosystem!

Guest Blog: QTEC's industry call to action!

Guest Blog: ORCA on the UK's quantum funding landscape!


Stay tuned for further updates, follow our campaign on Twitter and LinkedIn using the #QuantumFuture & @techUK tags and feel free to get in touch with or for more information!

  • Tom Henderson

    Tom Henderson

    Programme Manager | Digital Twins, Smart Cities, Climate Risk & Resilience’
    T 020 7331 2043
  • Sue Daley

    Sue Daley

    Associate Director | Technology & Innovation
    T 020 7331 2055

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