G7 Summit: techUK urges leaders to align on digital policies

In the run-up to the G7 Summit, techUK, the leading voice of the UK tech industry, urges the leaders to make progress in aligning digital policies and boosting the growth of the digital economy. 

techUK has supported a series of policy recommendations for governments to enable the digital technologies that power growth, job creation and innovation. In particular, it encourages leaders to promote ambitious international digital trade rules in areas that include cross-border data flows and  multilateral approaches to tax policy. It also looks at ways in which they can better ensure high levels of privacy and cybersecurity. 

Speaking ahead of the Summit, Julian David, CEO techUK, said: 

“The UK is home to some of the most innovative digital companies in the world and a pioneer in artificial intelligence and emerging technologies. We urge our Prime Minister and the other leaders present at the summit to identify and share experiences on regulatory mechanisms that allow data flows across borders while ensuring a high level of trust. We also encourage leaders to closely align approaches on ethical principles and guidelines and support the development and use of global, industry-led AI standards.”

The two letters sent out to Governments can be found below. For all media enquiries, please contact Harri Turnbull.

  • Julian David

    Julian David

DigitalEurope Press Statement Biarritz[1680] (docx)Joint Industry G7 Recommendations_Leaders Summit 2019 (pdf)

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