Welcome to techUK's Cloud Week!

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    Monday15Jul 2019

    Tom Henderson, IoT & Smart Cities Programme Manager, welcomes you to techUK's Cloud Week.


Welcome to techUK's Cloud Week!

Today marks the beginning of techUK’s Cloud Week. Stay tuned for news, views and insights from some of the world’s leading cloud computing experts, who will be sharing their perspectives on how the UK can evolve in order to remain at the forefront of cloud adoption.

On Wednesday, we launched our Cloud 2020 and Beyond report. This report considers where action is needed in the next three years to drive greater cloud adoption and ensure that organisations across industry and government are cloud-ready for the next phase of the UK's digital evolution.

techUK will be sharing guest blogs, press articles and daily tweets that highlight what action is needed to drive greater cloud adoption and maturity in the UK. Our members and other industry experts will be contributing blogs on the following key issues during the week:

  • Monday - System interoperability, connectivity and data portability
  • Tuesday- Public sector adoption of cloud
  • Wednesday- Regulatory/ legal frameworks underpinning cloud
  • Thursday - Trust and security of cloud services
  • Friday - Efficiency and environmental implications of cloud

You can join the debate and discussion on social media using #futureofcloud and visiting us on twitter via @techUK or keep up to date with all of this great material by visiting the links below:

Monday - System interoperability, connectivity and data portability

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants - Cloud First Blockchain Adoption

Oliver Johnston-Watt, Marketing Director at Blockchain Technology Partners (BTP), discusses how BTP is leveraging both Kubernetes and Hyperledger Sawtooth to accelerate the adoption of blockchain by businesses.

Interoperability in the Cloud – Why should I care?

Andy Campbell, Global Solution Evangelist at FinancialForce, explores the importance of system interoperability and data portability to the future of the UK cloud ecosystem.

AI, Tell Me Should I Go AI?

Ian Moyse, Industry Cloud Influencer & Director at Natterbox, discusses the how strategically aligned cloud computing can enable innovation.

The Challenges of Cloud Native Development

Jon Payne, Database Engineer at InterSystems, outlines some key challenges relating to cloud native development.

The Power of Connected Data in Driving Transformation

Adrian Dumbleton, Enterprise Account Director at Domo, highlights the importance of system and data portability to the UK's emerging innovation ecosystems.

Tuesday - Public sector adoption of cloud

Unlocking the trapped value in cloud

Sundip Bhatnagara, Managing Director UK/I H&PS Cloud Lead at Accenture, discusses the role of cloud computing in enabling digital transformation across government.

Strategic Adoption of Cloud Services in the Public Sector

Martyn Forest, Chief Strategy Officer at Shaping Cloud, analyses key strategic considerations and challenges related to public sector cloud adoption.

Cloud migration: the problems with ‘lifting and shifting’ data

Simon Cole, CEO of Automated Intelligence, highlights the problems with 'lifting and shifting' data when adopting cloud services.

Adopting a Digital First Approach and Transitioning to True Cloud

Thomas Konopka, Business Industry Director at 6 Degrees, identifies pathways to beginning effective digital transitions from legacy on-prem to ‘true’ cloud computing.

Wednesday- Regulatory and legal frameworks underpinning cloud computing

Maximising the value of Data within the Cloud

Chris Cook at Garnet8 discusses how cloud computing can act as an enabler to maximise the value of data and outcomes.

Mobile Edge Computing: Where Did I Leave My Cloud?

Chris Adams, Director of Infrastructure at Access Partnership, explores the opportunities created by Mobile Edge Computing and reflects on the associated challenges over data, policy and security.

Regulation, Friend or Foe to the Adoption of Cloud Computing?

Sharyn Dodson, FinancialForce, analysing whether regulation can be a friend to the adoption of cloud computing in business.

Thursday- Trust and security of cloud services

Cloud Computing at the Crossroads: Where it is Now, and Will be

Guest blog: Fatmir Hyseni, CMO at Kosbit, discusses the evolution of cloud computing and the benefits it generates.

Top Five Security Trends to Watch

Infographic: As the UK's cloud computing ecosystem expands, cyber threats become increasingly important. CenturyLink outlines five key security trends to watch.

How the cloud is enabling B2B collaboration?

Guest blog: Niall Sullivan Digital Marketing Executive at Kahootz, discusses how cloud is facilitating cross-sector collaboration in the UK.

Hybrid Cloud. How government benefits for the best of both worlds.

Guest blog: Brian Chidester, Senior Industry Strategy Lead at OpenText, takes a look at what makes hybrid cloud computing attractive for government.

Overcoming Challenges of Cloud Native

Guest blog: Read about how Alibaba Cloud is aiming to become a leader in cloud native technology and applications and provide enterprises with powerful solutions.

Friday- Efficiency and environmental implications of the cloud

How cloud is keeping animals in the wild

Craig Melson, Programme Manager for Digital Devices, Environment and Compliance and Consumer Electronics at techUK, discusses cloud computing and the illegal wildlife trade.

Unlocking the possibilities of a multi-cloud world

Alan Coad, Managing Director UK & Ireland Google Cloud, discusses how a multi-cloud approach can help to capture the choice and flexibility that the cloud offers

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