Environment Audit Committee opens inquiry into e-waste

The Environmental Audit Committee has launched a new inquiry into electronic waste and the circular economy. The full terms of reference are available here but in short the scope of the inquiry to explore progress to moving to a circular economy, the environmental and health risks associated with e-waste and the efficacy of the UK’s implementation of the WEEE Regulations.

The inquiry comes before a formal review of the UK’s regime for waste electrical and electronic equipment which is one of four areas where the UK has producer responsibility legislation in place which means that producers of electronics must pay for their collection, treatment and recycling at the end of their life. The review was announced last year in the Government’s Resources and Waste Strategy and a consultation is expected in 2020.

techUK will be responding to the Environment Audit Committee inquiry drawing from its report of last year exploring activity to extend the life of electronics, improve the ability to repair and maintain them, and the sector’s vibrant refurbishment sector.

We would welcome any case studies which can further illustrate the work the sector is engaged in and any additional views on areas where improvements need to be made, particularly in respect to illegal shipments of e-waste to developing countries. The deadline for comments to techUK is Monday 15 July.

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