Future technology in Government report

The Institute for Government has recently published a report on Future Technology in Government, which explores the emerging technologies that the public sector wil be looking to harness as we enter the fourth industrial revolution.

Highlighted in the report is GDS’ 2017 survey of technological innovation in Government which identified five types of public sector innovation. These are where technology could bring changes within government, for example, it was noted that future technologies could transform Processes - “this will include changes to the government workforce, which will see some tasks taken out of human hands, and the creation of other new tasks that require specific human action or oversight.”

The technology landscape is growing, and a review of the technology landscape conducted by GDS identified over 100 projects that the government have experimented with or trialed - Artificial intelligence and Blockchain being just two of the areas these projects are currently addressing.

To read more on this report please click here.  

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