EU ETS Phase IV / Future of Carbon Pricing: Consultation

On 2nd May Government launched a consultation on the future of carbon pricing, which equates to EU ETS Phase IV or its post Brexit equivalent.  Data centre operators are obviously focused on the provisions for ultra-low emitters (article 27A).  In brief, the favoured approach is a linked ETS scheme, differing only in a less bureaucratic administrative process (we aren’t holding our breath, as the UK government has dreadful “previous” in unilaterally adding needless complexity to policy instruments).  The ultra-low emitters scheme has not yet been finalised and will be the main point of discussion at our sector level meeting with BEIS in June (See below). Although not covered in the consultation, operators wanting to be eligible for exemption as ultra-low emitters in this next phase MUST complete the NIMS data gathering exercise and submit three years of verified emissions. See our separate insight here:

Or browse the documents below.   We already have a meeting scheduled with BEIS to discuss the proposals and the implications for operators on June 21st at techUK.  Please put that in your diaries if any of your facilities are obliged under ETS.  The deadline for responses is 12th July.



Our Briefing on NIMS: here  

Notes from the BEIS call on the ETS consultation:  BEIS Call Notes, 3rd May

Extract of the proposals relating to Article 27A:  Article 27A text extract

See the Consultation itself:

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