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Invite: Participate in techUK’s Council of the Future campaign week

techUK will be holding a Campaign Week series for its Insights blog on the theme of ‘Council of the Future’ from 3 -7 Dec 2018 and we would be delighted to have you contribute to it.

During this campaign we will be exploring what the ‘Council of the Future’ will look like and the building blocks to getting to this vision. It will be an opportunity to hear from members and stakeholders on the technologies shaping  local public services of the future.

Each day during the week there will be a different topic with blog posts, tweets (#CounciloftheFuture) and case studies centred on each of those themes. This could be a thought leadership blog post (max 600 words), a case study or a video that demonstrates your view on this issue. We’d like to invite you to contribute on one of the topics outlined below. If you wish to contribute to a different topic then happy to explore further with you.


  • Vision: Future scenarios of the ‘council of the future’; what will the future local public services look like
  • Future Gazing: The technologies re-imaging local public services to solving complex problems; and the future tech trends
  • Data & Trust: Data driven local public services; building trust and cyber resilience
  • Culture: The role of leadership in creating a digital first-mindset
  • Collaboration: Driving innovation through collaboration to growing the local gov tech market through partnership working


If you would like to contribute, please email Georgina Maratheftis by Friday 9 November. The deadline for content to be submitted is Wednesday 28 November. When you submit the blog please can you also include the name, job title of the author as well as a blog title (max 60 characters) and any social media handles you would like us to use. You can learn more by reading our contributor guidelines here.

Join the conversation on #CounciloftheFuture @techUK


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