Opportunities for Fintechs to Enter International Markets

The City of London Corporation is running a series of events to help UK fintechs take up opportunities in the international market. Their first focus will be India.

Across 2018, City of London will run a series of India-UK Fintech-specific events culminating in a delegation to India headed by the Lord Mayor in October 2018. The focus will be on:

  • Helping companies understand the opportunity in India following massive economic reforms - what does that mean for UK Fintechs?
  • Offering companies a platform to create links with stakeholders in India.
  • Helping companies get their voice heard by policy makers on challenges in the Indian market.
  • Providing a network of support for companies looking to expand to India.

Preliminary Schedule of events:

  • Jan 2018 (tbc): Roundtable at Indian High Commission London with UK Fintechs – re newly launched Access India Programme as well as a chance to raise awareness of challenges facing UK Fintechs. 
  • 1 March - 26 Feb: DIT Organised Event in Mumbai & Delhi (including roundtables with the Indian Ministry of Finance). 
  • July (tbc): Learning Event on finance sector reforms in India and how UK companies can take advantage. 
  • 8th Oct 2018: Lord Mayor Delegation – Mumbai & Bangalore, variety of stakeholder meetings.

The City of London Corporation is keen to talk to any companies interested in international expansion in India and elsewhere. For more information please get in touch with Jack Brooks and Amar Mistry.

The City of London Corporation is an apolitical public sector organisation that represents the UK’s financial services companies.


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