House of Lords Report Urges Leadership on Distributed Ledger

A Report published in the House of Lords, argues for a leading government role in the testing and application of distributed ledger technology (DLT) in the UK. techUK strongly supports the aim of a connected governmental/industry/academic collaboration to drive the development and understanding of the benefits of DLT. 

In the foreword to 'Distributed Ledger Technologies for Public and Private Good: leadership, collaboration and innovation' Lord Holmes of Richmond, delivers a 'call to action' for collaboration between government and industry to develop the potential of DLT. 

The report details the broad scope for DLT i) to increase the integration of public and private sector services in the UK and ii) to harness the capacities of data to respond to the needs of citizens. It identifies a number of areas where DLT could enhance capacity and improve services:

  • border control, customs, trade and immigration;
  • national security, police and public safety, criminal investigations;
  • taxation and benefits payments;
  • health assurance, patient record management, drug safety;
  • food standards and safety;
  • privacy, cybersecurity and counter-fraud;
  • public procurement, contracting, payments, traceability.

The key recommendations include the creation of cross-departmental collaboration; the establishment of working groups; extended collaboration with industry partners and academia; the development of awareness campaigns to increase understanding among consumers and businesses.

techUK's DLT Working Group has been pursuing these very aims and will follow the impact of this report closely. techUK will participate in the UK DLT Showcase scheduled for May 2018. Contact us for further information on our DLT Working Group.



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