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    Monday07Aug 2017

    Congratulations Helen Kelisky, Vice President, Cloud UKI for IBM UK Ltd on becoming techUK's August Cloud Champion!

techUK's 'Cloud Champion' campaign showcases technology leaders that are playing a leadership role in championing and supporting organisation’s move to the cloud. The campaign will highlight best practice by leaders that are creating cloud enabled organisations, across all sectors, and a cloud driven workforce that will be vital for the UK’s digital future.

This campaign follows the launch of techUK's Cloud 2020 Vision for keeping the UK at the forefront of Cloud adoption which highlighted the importance of supporting organisations given the cultural shift required to optimise the use of cloud.

A new techUK 'Cloud Champion’ will be chosen every month, so if you would like to nominate a friend or colleague to be the next 'Cloud Champion' please drop Sue Daley a line with a bit of information about them!

August's Cloud Champion is Helen Kelisky, Vice President, Cloud UKI for IBM UK Ltd.

Read on for a little taster and find the full interview below.

Helen - IBM

What is your current role and responsibilities?

I am currently responsible for IBM’s Cloud, Analytics, and Watson business across UK and Ireland.

What does a typical day involve?

A typical day will involve going for a swim at 6am, checking in on emails, and after that every day is different. Typically though I’ll be seeing clients or partners, meeting with the team and conducting business reviews, taking decisions, and leading internal and external presentations externally to ensure the IBM Cloud message is being heard, reviewing our offerings position with the global organisation.

What do you most enjoy about your work?

I love the variety of my work, the people I work with and meet, and representing such a great company, that’s stood the test of time, in the hottest area of the IT Industry right now. It’s exciting to work with companies across industries, geographies and sizes to encourage and provide the capability for innovation at scale and really embark on some groundbreaking projects which weren’t possible before.

How have you supported the organisations adoption and implementation of cloud?

I’ve spent a lot of time with our global team ensuring that our cloud strategy means that the UK has the cloud infrastructure that it needs to satisfy market demand both now and into the future. We have opened five data centres in the UK to date, more than any other Cloud provider, and 51 across the globe in 20 different countries, giving our customers choice as to where they put their data.

Helen gave more detailed answers to these and other questions which you can read by clicking below.

For more information and to nominate a techUK 'Cloud Champion' please contact Sue Daley.

Cloud Champion August (pdf)


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