Inventing the Future: techUK launches 2017 manifesto

The EU referendum is a watershed in British history. The UK is now committed to forging a new future outside the European Union and the next Government will be tasked with inventing this. 

Brexit is a huge challenge but there is another, equally important economic and social imperative that cannot wait – how to create a modern and open digital economy that works for everyone in the 2020s.

The pace of globalisation will only increase over the next five years, so while we navigate Brexit, we have to focus on what kind of economy and society we want for the 2020, and beyond. While this will bring many complex challenges, it also brings opportunities. At the forefront is the chance to invent a truly innovation-led economy that works for everyone and where everyone has the opportunity to work. Those who invent the future, shape the future.

Invention is in our DNA. As the pioneers of the first industrial revolution, Britain became the first industrial economy and the world’s innovation powerhouse. As we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the UK has the opportunity to build a 21st century economy that can and must deliver on four fundamental objectives:

  • boosting the UK’s productivity;
  • harnessing digital transformation to build a smarter state;
  • creating new jobs and a new skilled, adaptable workforce; and
  • protecting and empowering people in a digital age.

This manifesto provides a comprehensive set of policy recommendations that techUK believes will help the next Government achieve this ambition. These are grouped under five headings:

1. Making Brexit a Success for Tech

The UK tech sector has been the outstanding success of the UK economy over the last decade and will be vital to the UK’s success in a post-Brexit world. The next Government must secure a deal that puts the UK on the best possible footing to thrive outside the EU. This will require a tech-first trade deal; maintaining the cross-border data flows; making the UK a hub for global tech talent; providing confidence, stability and certainty throughout the negotiations; and placing tech at the heart of Global Britain’s new trade relationships.

2. Achieving Economic Renewal Through a Modern Industrial Strategy

Economic renewal can be delivered through a modern industrial strategy, which provides a long-term and evolutionary framework to build the capacity and capability for a truly innovation-led economy. In order to achieve this, the next Government will need to boost investment in the UK’s R&D; harness the power of tech to solve the UK’s “productivity puzzle”; make the UK the best place to startup and scale a high growth business; create an open and dynamic regulatory framework; and creating the conditions for investment in world class digital and data infrastructure.

3. Building the Smarter State

The last decade has seen an increased understanding within Government of the importance of driving digital transformation. Digital transformation will be vital to protecting our public services amid rising public sector debt and demands on usage. The Smarter State will place tech at the heart of Government; unlock the next wave of digital transformation in government; develop expertise within the Civil Service; address the barriers to digital innovation in health and social care; and innovate by instinct in the defence supply base.

4. Nurturing the Skills for the Jobs of the Future

The dynamism of the sector means tech creates new jobs at nearly three times the rate of the rest of the economy[1], and demand far outstrips supply. To ensure the UK has the digital skills it needs to thrive, the next Government should equip the future generation with world class digital skills from an early age; create an apprenticeship programme for the future; inspire and support girls and women to work in tech; develop a clear and ambitious policy on the future of work and lifelong learning; and open up to the pioneers and innovators of tomorrow.

5. Guaranteeing a Safe and Secure Digital World

The UK needs to build on its strong cyber security credentials by investing further in public sector cyber security; protecting end-to-end encryption; and enabling SME investment in cyber security. The UK also needs to be the safest place for people to go online. Young people must be empowered to navigate the online world safely through a new “digital resilience” curriculum and a full, evidence-based review into current best practice should be conducted to underpin a comprehensive online safety strategy.

Commenting on techUK’s manifesto, CEO, Julian David, said:

“The next Government has to get Brexit right, but we also have to prepare for the social and economic changes ahead. The pace of global digitisation will not slow down. We have a choice about whether we want to shape the digital future or be shaped by it. This manifesto is about inventing a positive future for everyone in Global Britain.”

“The course of the next parliament will see significant technological developments in the way we work and live. It’s crucial that all political parties avoid broad brush and reactionary policy solutions to the complex challenges of the digital age. Politicians must do all they can to cultivate a world-leading tech sector, where a new wave of tech talent can start and scale the next generation of world leading tech companies. Whether it’s a digitised Industrial Strategy, to getting serious about urgent digital skills needs and lifelong learning, or new visions for digital trade deals, now is the time to pull out all the stops. "

“In this new globally connected world, investing in world-leading cyber defences is as important as putting bobbies on the beat. Political parties should include additional spending to update the UK Government’s cyber defences. This is especially important to make sure frontline public services are protected from attacks.”

For press queries, please contact: 

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    Alice Jackson

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techUK 2017 Manifesto Table of recommendations (pdf)Inventing the Future - techUK Manifesto 2017 (pdf)techUK Manifesto 2017 Infographic (pdf)Inventing the Future - techUK Executive Summary (pdf)

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