Defra Launch End User Procurement under UnITy Programme

Defra has recently released a prior information notice (PIN) to the supplier market signalling that they will soon start a procurement process to provide the Department and related Agencies with a new 'End User Environment'. This will provide Defra with an end to end service for managing devices and will include development and management of the catalogue used to order new devices as well as the management of platforms used across the entire Defra estate.

Currently, Defra ICT services are provided through two prime contracts via different suppliers, both contracts are due to expire in 2018. The in-scope Defra Group organisations are: Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), Environment Agency (EA) Rural Payments Agency, Natural England, Marine Maritime Organisation, Animal and Plant Health Agency. The current contracts deliver services through two main suppliers across approximately 371 sites in the UK. The service is to be made available to 21,500 staff across the UK.

The Unity programme has been commissioned to transition the in-scope ICT provision to a new, single and more effective Defra ICT organisation with core/common services and a supporting delivery model that will replace the current service provisions. The programme is delivering a new Defra Group ICT operating model primarily through new workstreams, each looking at delivering distinct services. This procurement will specifically focus on the End User Environment.


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