Why standards matter for tech

Last week techUK and the BSI held a workshop looking at how the tech sector benefited from standards and why firms and individuals should get involved.

Standards are the fabric of the tech sector and vital to our work in promoting interoperability and creating a level playing field. 'Technology' is an inter-connected group of ecosystems, devices, software and infrastructure and in the UK we have a vibrant, ever evolving sector with firms of different shapes and sizes offering a huge variety of products, services, tools and approaches.

With so much variation, industry players collaborating and building consensus on a way forward is a great way to develop common languages, promote interoperability and make sure all players are playing on a level playing field. Furthermore, they can demonstrate compliance on issues like quality management, cyber security and the environment and show government and policy makers that self-regulation can deliver positive policy outcomes.

The result of this is wider adoption, more time spent on innovation and customer success, higher growth and setting the foundations for an increasingly converged network of technologies and applications.

At the event we had presentations from techUK on the importance of standards in the marketplace, with case studies from members (Samsung and Quant) on how standards played a role in their business.

To learn more you can access the slides here and many thanks to the British Standards Institution for helping put the event together. If you want to get involved in standards, please send me an email (details below) or contact Tim McGarr (details in the slides).

  • Craig Melson

    Craig Melson

    Programme Manager | Digital Devices, Consumer Electronics, Export Controls and Environment and Compliance
    T 020 7331 2172
  • Sue Daley

    Sue Daley

    Associate Director | Technology & Innovation
    T 020 7331 2055

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